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  1. I just installed a set of pirelli scorpion Verde, they are very quite and no vibration so far.
  2. the car is good but it needs better smother shocks that all family members will enjoy the ride.
  3. I have seen they posted on their instgram account that the 6112 is available.
  4. The 2018 escalade has the option to disable the radar cruise control and use it as a normal cc,i hope the 2018 Yukon share the same option.
  5. Since I replaced my 4 shocks with normal gas shocks and since I installed 17" methods with yokohama and tuned the car with full time v8 mode and also replaced the steering bushing with the updated ones all of that car is normal now that any gm suv should be.
  6. Did anybody test drive the 2018 denali?the mag shocks on the new 18 is different than the -17 they have different part numbers and it seems they are the updated ones.
  7. Yes,specially as I have catback I feel the difference.and also as I mentioned in my first post the updated steering bushings helps a lot with vibration,all the efforts what I am doing is to help me driving this car as it should and I am lucky I success.
  8. Since I have the first production Yukon Denali with 80k on clock and more than 39 months of owner ship,I was trying every method to eleminate the current issues this veichle has.so I started to replace the front and rear shocks with normal gas shocks,mag shocks has been bypassed by resistors installed by dealer(it was an internal agreement between us as I will take the full responsibility if some thing happens)also I change the 22" tires with 17" methods wheels today I received a call from dealer saying that they have a new updated steering bushing that have a different design which will solve the vibration issue part number gm84234960 I took the car today after installaion and the difference is noticeable.also I noticed the escalade has extra weather strip between the front and back doors.i order this weather strip and I am so excited to see the difference.first pic is for Yukon Denali and second is for escalade.
  9. 2015 Yukon Denali 4wd production June 2014 75k miles.I have been reading this topic from the first day and I can see there are multiple fixes that didn't solve the issue but improves.so I decided to do what I think it improves the ride quality to this $70+ suv. First I replaced all of shocks no more mag and no more air at the back,I went with bilstien 4600 series and I think I need the 5100 series for offroad use,the dealer install resistors to stay away from dash messages,second I went with 17" methods wheels and Yokohama,third I had a custom catback done by local shop,forth I tuned the car by Justin at blackbear tuning he disable the v4/v8 mode it's v8 all the way.with all if those modifications the car is much much better than before,today I took the car to dealer for oil change and spoke with chif engineer and he told there is a new updated steering bushing that will eliminate the vibration that occurs at 70 miles speed.he also told that new Yukon came with steel control arms the first productions were aluminium,also GM updated the engine mounts with hydraulic type.i asked him to replace the steering bushing with the updated one and see.overall the changes I done was mandatory as I use this car on off-road and I can say I really improve the ride.
  10. Is there any possibility that gm radar frequency is the same as police.everytime the radars will capture me even I am below limit
  11. Gents My 2015 yukon denaLi 67k miles steering is not moving forward and backwards but it's only going up and down,has any one faced this issue before and is there any relationship between the steering wheel and the rear oem air shocks because I replaced them with bilstien 4600 series shocks.

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