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  1. I have read the entire thread and ended up with this Pace Edwards "Switchblade" cover. So far no leaks or noise.............Secure when tailgate is locked. Easily removable, 10 minutes, if I would ever want full access of the bed. Enjoying the truck, picked up on the 30th of December. Sorry about the spots in the pic, scratched lens on the phone.......no scratches on the truck, yet.
  2. I have the heated seats in my 'vert and love them in the spring and fall............it was a great addition on the truck! But what really got me was the heated steering wheel after scraping the windshield the other morning, wow! Can't wait to try the AC, just wish the 'vert had them.
  3. Amaze is a product that I recommend, check for it at a local glass shop or an Ace store. Web site: http://www.a-maz.com/waterstainremover.php
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