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  1. New and used 22 inch wheels

    So the black insert 22s are GM wheels? Are they new or used? What kind of shape are they in? If they are flawless, I want them.
  2. Stainless works dual exhaust headers

    If these are still available I'll take them. Sent you a PM
  3. 14-18 silverado/sierra mp intake

    Got any more details on this? Who makes it? When you say piece to fill the maf what does that mean?
  4. New and used 22 inch wheels

    Are they black inserts on the 22's? If so, how much for those wheels?
  5. I'm in the Philly suburbs and have the factory exhaust off my 2018 6.2 Crew Cab 6'6" bed if you're interested...
  6. I’ve got one with less than 500mi on it, I’m in the Philadelphia suburbs.
  7. I just removed my tri mode steps the other day and replaced them with the AMP steps. I was wondering if anyone knew of any dummy plug/connector caps available so that it’s not just an open connection hanging out in the breeze. If not, what would be suggested to preserve those connectors? Btw, it’s 10 bolts per side. 5 underneath and 5 up in the side. I personally had both running boards out to get the bottom bolts all out, then folded them in, disconnected them, and took out the upper bolts.
  8. Wilwood BBK

    Awesome, I'll be in touch!
  9. Wilwood BBK

    I'm going away for the weekend, but if you still have them come Monday I'd like to take a drive down to you and grab them. I'm in the Philly suburbs, about a 2 hour drive to Baltimore
  10. Wilwood BBK

    Rotors, pads, and everything else needed for install included? I'm very interested....
  11. Stock internal power

    Mine has been 600+ at the wheels for months, as well as many others on this forum alone. Stock fuel system is limited to around 550whp, but as others mentioned the longlblock doesn't seem to have any issues whatsoever at up to 700whp so far. That's the 5.3l motor, I can't really speak for the 6.2.
  12. SOLD: BNIB LT4 Mechanical Fuel Pump

    Would you consider $600 shipped?
  13. AIRAID MIT intake for 2014+ K2 5.3

    Yes I did, he got right back to me the following day
  14. AIRAID MIT intake for 2014+ K2 5.3

    You sure he got it? I picked up his kooks ORY from him and he was great to deal with

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