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  1. I can understand the hood latch sensor nedding replaced/adjusted, but the horn blowing, and sensor on the dash staying lit, too would lead me to believe theres something else wrong...possibly a ground...that all are connected to... I waited in the truck, when I took wife to store yesterday, and locked doors with key fob, but couldn't unlock with door control... another thing I notice, is the dash lights get brighter for a second, once in awhile, even though I have the light switch set to ON, and not AUTO taking it in to the dealer when I get back to ohio, next week... I never think about it at the time, but im going to video it today
  2. yesterday, after getting on the Ohio Turnpike, and driving about 10 miles, I get a message "HOOD OPEN"...dismissed it 3 times, then it did not come on again. I can see that it's not open, but I pulled into the service plaza, opened and shut it, and was ok for the next hundred miles to home. unloaded my truck in the driveway...went into house, and a couple minutes later, the horn started blowing...clicked lock, and it stopped, then did it again 2 more times...went out and started the truck, shut it off, and used the lock on the door, and it was ok...didn't do it again but, I noticed the sensor on the dash not blinking as usual...blinking erratic, or staying on for a couple seconds.
  3. Yes, Advantage makes the GM tri-fold covers...I just got one through Autoaccessoriesgarage, a couple weeks ago, and its much nicer cover than the Extang I had on my '15... My Son-In-Law just ordered one yesterday for their truck...they bought a Tonnopro, and the rear frame rail was bent down, so when latched, you couldn't close the tailgate...Tonnopro sent another and it was worse...so he's sending both back and getting the Advantage...on sale this weekend for $350.99
  4. youll notice it... I think because of the hills, here in Pa., I notice it more... when I start pulling a hill, or go around an uphill curve, it feels like a cylinder misfires, stumbles to me...or if I make a turn, the trans should have downshifted, and it didn't...
  5. ACDelco filters are made by Champion Labs...along with a lot of other brands... you can google it, and there are some threads in BOBISTHEOILGUY about it...
  6. xkvator


    Ok, Thank You...I took pics and will show the SVS. Mgr.
  7. I noticed that on the loaner I had...when starting out, especially on gravel...
  8. the dealer gave me a 4.3 to drive while they had my '15 5.3 in for recalls, and to fix the flexing drivers seat...I had it over a weekend, so I drove it on the flatland of Ohio, and the hills of Pennsylvania... it actually ran better that I thought it would...although it downshifted more on some long hills... I didn't notice it being much better on mpg...I run 70+ for over 100 miles on the turnpike, and my '15 gets over 20mpg, and this one was a few 10ths more... I've noticed more 4.3's on dealers lots than I have before...maybe due to CAFE standards or something...
  9. after you drive it some more, let us know if its taken care of, or not... I'm off for another 2 1/2 weeks, so I may stop at a dealer here in Pa. to see if they've got the update and can take care of it.
  10. Ive noticed it at times on my '17...I'm betting on a software update in the near future...
  11. Great Deal....!!! I really wasn't going to buy a new truck at this time, even though ive been on a 2-year upgrade...then I saw some of the deals out there, and it was the last couple days for some of the discounts/rebates...so I looked online, and after work went to one on the dealers that had the exact truck I wanted, with the bonus tag... I ended up with $14,700 off in discounts and rebates...and then had to go back and forth a few times with my trade, but ended up where I wanted to be...
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