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  1. I also did that on my 2014 WT. I ran an audio cable from the dash down and under the carpet . I drilled a hole in the jumpseat next to the seat belt (out of sight). Then I was able to run the audio cable into the storage compartment. MVI charges an additional $300.00 to provide XM in the radios he sells. IIRC !
  2. https://www.gm-navigation.com/ If you add the Apple Car Play option you may need to change the usb module in the storage compartment. Some of the ones that come with your truck may not recognize the usb input signal. Anthony sent me the correct one with no additional charge.
  3. Yes, It was confusing for me since I have never owned a K platform truck before. I have owned 14 different two wheel drive Chevy's and Sierra's through the years. So I was totally baffled when I started to look at 2019 Sierras in the K models. I was drawn to the Limited edition because of the huge discounts on them. Close to $10,000.00 off on the one I purchased. Sorry to the OP ! I didn't intend to high jack this thread, but the mirror differences lead the discussion a little off.
  4. When I referred to it as an orphan I meant here on gm-trucks.com. It isn't a T1 and it isn't a 2018 in the forum category's. That is the way I see it. I'm curious how other members would view it. I looked at the Legacy model but didn't care for the colored bumpers.
  5. I purchased the 2019 Sierra Limited that I posted about on 05/15/2019. It seems to be an orphan on gm-trucks.com. It is a 2019 but it is really a 2018. I am looking forward to doing the DL3 mirror upgrade on it with Phil's custom harnesses. Unless there is something in the Limited model wiring that is different from what he has available.
  6. I was at a dealership yesterday to look at a 2019 Sierra 1500 Limited. It is actually a 2018 double cab model with some minor changes. There are quite a few of them on dealership parking lots. I was told that I could order one if I wanted a particular configuration. I stumbled upon that model because I was looking for 2019 double cab with the Stone Blue Metallic paint on the exterior. It appears that is the only model available with that color. Although DL3 mirrors are not available on them they can be upgraded.
  7. I think you need a complete new module that is XM capable. I bought mine from Anthony at MVI. He programmed my VIN in it and it was plug n play.
  8. I purchased that radio on amazon for $15.95 , for my 2014 Sierra. Stupid easy to install. It plugs into the USB port that is located in the jump seat storage. I wired it in to the RAP circuit for power.
  9. I looked closely at those mirrors and I cannot see the turn signal LED dots that are typically in a DL3 mirror. I also am looking for a pair of DL3 mirrors for a soon to be purchased 2019 Sierra.
  10. 2014 GMC sierra 1500. The camera part nomber is 22803702. That is the camera that the 2014's came with. This is where I found it in the GMPartsGiant.com online catalog. Thanks for your help. Parts found for 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Reg Cab (2WD) > Body Mounting-Air Conditioning-Audio/Entertainment > Camera System/Rear View
  11. I recently purchased a GM OEM backup camera . It is part number 22803702. It is the correct camera for my truck. I cannot use the plug that came with it because I need to cut it off and splice an RCA cable to it for an aftermarket Kenwood sterio. My problem is that I do not know what each wire is for. Can anyone positively identify the wires for me. It has 6 wires. Here are the colors. A- 1 white wire B- ! yellow wire C- 1 red wire D- 2 black wires E- 1 brown wire Thanks
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