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  1. Can't participate in the contest as all of mine are pre '14. Clean and functional cover though. Just wanted to say thanks for the contest... Andy Waldorf Md
  2. 1.Is accessorizing your truck something that you are currently interested and/or investing in? IF YES: What is your to top priority when choosing accessories for your truck? (Quality/Price/Look/Reviews) IF NO: Why not? (No time/money, inexperience, no vehicle) Always interested... I look for quality and top reviews. GM does not make the new or older vehicle with everything that I would like, so accessorizing my vehicles to suite my tastes/wants/needs is always included with ownership. I try to read/educate myself on items before I purchase, so it usually takes me a while to buy..Also with so many vehicles, financing also influences the time to make purchases... 2. Would you purchase something because it's priced cheaper, regardless of negative reviews, or options of higher-end, better quality products? (YES or NO) Most of the time, no. Usually price reflects the quality of the item. Sometimes you take a chance, but the "dragon usually wins" so to speak. 3. Would you purchase an accessory purely based on how it looks? Even if that means the product does not work well or may not work at all? No. I’m more of a form follows function type of owner. Usually you don’t find out that the item does not work well or not work at all till after you purchase it… Thank you for the contest. Andy Waldorf Md.
  3. Hello everyone, Just as a follow-up. I enjoy reading here and one other forum so I thought I would post my solution. I replaced the Powertrain control module and the Body control module everything is working except the PRNDL indicator and the seat memory. The selected gear status on the scan tool is ???? which leads me to believe that the Allison trans gear selector is not working or the TCM is malfunctioning although the trans works well. The seat memory is probably related as the module is not getting the park indication form the TCM/selector. If anyone cares.... Thanks, Andy Waldorf MD
  4. Hello everyone, Asking for some help on a on an '06 Silverado duramax but I don't think it's diesel related..It started after sitting for ~3 months rebuilding and replacing the motor from broken crank. It has this problem where the oil pressure, water temperature, fuel level, trans temperature, Driver information center and PRNDM gauges/indicators don't work. Also, the battery red indicator is always on when the truck is running or in the key on position. When its running the charge is fine at ~13.4-14.2 volts depending on load.. I swapped the dash cluster from the '06 into my 2003 Tahoe and it all worked perfectly. Installed the 2003 Tahoe cluster in the '06 and it did the same thing so I assume it's not the cluster. I am also fighting a class II communication fault in the PCM, BCM, Instrument cluster and just about all of the other modules in this truck. Codes are U1000 and U1300(Class II fault and Communication). It appears that all of the devices mentioned for the instrument cluster get their information/status from the class II data line. What I am not sure of is how the cluster processes it. If you read the data stream from the PCM with a scan tool(I use a Solus pro and Auto Enginuity), the gauge information is there i.e. oil pressure psi/volts, fuel level/volts and water temp and can be displayed on the scan tools...If you read the instrument cluster displayed data for these gauges/indicators with a scan tool it is a zero... I have also swapped the BCM with the Tahoe for testing and was able to clear all of the class II communication errors from all of the modules but it didn't make the cluster work.. It did cause some other issues but they were from the BCM swap i.e. airbag module codes(doesn't recognize the BCM) and Passlock issues(no re-learn code from the ignition key. This truck has EFI live on it so the passlock re-learn has been written out of the code or else the truck wouldn't start with the BCM swap without the key relearn procedure). Swapped the BCM back into the Tahoe, 30 minute key learn process and Tahoe is well... I have also pulled apart connector SP205 which is the shorting connector that ties all of the modules on the class II network together. It is located above the emergency brake pedal. With this connector opened, all of the modules are isolated from one another. In my troubleshooting I just had the PCM, BCM, Instrument cluster module and theData like connector jumped/tied together with nothing else on the network. I did this thinking that one of the other modules could be shorting out the class II data line. Ran the truck but no change in the instrument cluster. I am also having A/C clutch issues. The the A/C module data shows the water temp at 266 degrees thus denying the compressor run status...PCM data shows the water temp at 170 degrees...I can command the relay on with the scan tool and everything works as designed. At this point I am at replacing the BCM for the class II data malfunctions. The PCM possibly causing all of these problems with the gauges/indicators but not ready to make the plunge yet for replacement as I am not understanding why the values can be in the data stream and displayed on the scan tools but not displayed in the instrument cluster and the A/C water temperature values being wrong.. I searched through the site but had no solutions..I posted in another forum also..Just looking to see if anyone has run into this before as this is the worst problem that I have had to repair out of all of the trucks..... Thank you for your time and reading this. Andy Waldorf MD
  5. Hello everyone, I didn't see a specific forum for the 99-2006 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon/XL so I just posted it here. Picked up this 2001 Yukon Denali over the weekend for 600.00...Just could not pass it up.. This will make #14 to the stable(see profile)..It has 258,000 miles on it and no reverse in the 4L65E trans. Drove it on the trailer although it has a noticeable miss and barely running. Also it is a mess inside and the back window is broken.. . Multiple misfire code(P0300)..Cylinder #2 #6 and #7 misfire counters steadily increasing..Found the miss... I have not had good luck with Bosh Platinum plugs in the Gran National(burned the electrode up into the porcelain). These are just broken...Put some Double platinum AC Delco spark plugs in and it purrs like a kitten...Next I'll pull the trans and go through it... Andy Waldorf Md
  6. Hello Nick, Not too much seat time(~300 miles a week), just a sickness... . I wish I could afford more...It's nice to drive one for each day plus there is four drivers in the house...Thank you for providing the oil contest. Andy
  7. Free stuff, check it out.

    Count me in. Always helps around here for free oil with so many vehicles... Andy
  8. Sorry...I thought it would have been the same as the earlier years... Seems kind of early for a pump failure but the symptoms point to that... Thank you for the correction, Andy
  9. This is just great....I beat a blazer every day to keep the miles off of the 2013 so it can stay nice and new.... So now I need to drive the damn thing to see if I will have a problem with the AFM/oil consumption issues before the warranty runs out...UFB.... So, I have read through the numerous posts and threads but have not seen anything on the 2014 and newer models(or I just missed it). Is it safe to say that they do not have the issues and/or do not have the AFM feature? Maybe its time to trade the 2013 in.... Andy
  10. I would change the fuel filter first before I went after the fuel pump. Filter might be restricted enough for 2 second prime but not enough to keep it from running after start... I Second the removal of the bed to change the pump. Andy
  11. Hello Mel, Probably too late but a few things that I have run into: 1. Exhaust rotted after the muffler and tailpipe. 2. Definitely would replace the fuel pump(probably the fuel gauge is acting up) 3. A/c compressor leaks at the halves. Probably does not work. 4. Heater core problems(mine did not have this but have read that this is common). 5. Oil leaks at the remote oil filter lines(up under the radiator). 6. Check for "service engine soon" light. Common for spider injection and tune up parts(cap/rotor). 7. Rust at the rear door jambs where the front of the rear wheel opening is. 8. Lower intake gasket leaks(antifreeze and cause for item #6) 9. 207,000 miles will probably need transmission repairs(direct clutch/reverse) soon if not already done. There has to be a number ten but I can't think of one right now.. I do all of my repairs myself and have done all the above(except #4) to mine at ~139,000 miles. I love driving mine even though the gas mileage is ~17-20 for my commute. I also rotate driving sometimes to keep the tires round on the other trucks but not that often. It handles ok and drives nice(to me) for a daily driver. You can see mine in my profile. Hope this helps, Andy Hughesville Md.
  12. I try not to wait for the engine life monitor. Usually around 5000 miles for the engine using Mobil 1 synthetic and Mobil filter. Suspension also greased at the same time with synthetic grease. Transmissions and differentials are at 20-25000 miles using synthetics. The blazer gets regular dino oil at 3000 mile intervals with the mobil filter. 2013 Silverado: 28,000 miles 2006 Silverado:175,000 miles 2003 Tahoe: 178,000 miles 2002 Silverado: 162,000 miles 2001 Yukon: 206,000 miles 2000 Sierria: 250,000 miles 2000 Blazer: 138,000 miles 1999 Silverado: 258,000 miles All done in house.. There is a fair amount of petroleum products consumed around here! Andy
  13. Thank you fro the reply. Could I ask where you purchased yours? I'm not loaded but will spend the money for the tool needed. Plus a few trips to the dealer for repairs more than outweighs the cost of the tool. I'm not gambling that I would need it. I gave examples where I already have the need for it. Thank you for the reply. Any others care to comment on what there using? Thank you, Andy
  14. Hello everyone, New member here for a few months. I've been playing around with GM's since I was 13 years old. First it was Tri-powers/ Carbs and then fuel injection. It started with 8 bit ECM's that I have an OTC 2000 and an OTC 4000 for. Then I bought the Auto-tap software for the 99-03 vehicles which just gives diagnostic P000 codes and live data which has worked for now. I would like to ask what people are using for scan tools for non-professional use. I am mainly interested in bi-directional communication with the vehicles. Example: From what I gather, the fuel pump in my 2013 Silverado can not be operated like the 99-03 vehicles I have, by using the prime terminal to energize the fuel pump relay in the fuse panel. I need a scan tool to turn on the fuel pump module. Example: The ABS on the 99 Silverado is giving me trouble and I would like to view the ABS codes and sensor data. Example: The HVAC in the 2000 GMC is acting up. I'm sure it's the control head but would like to retrieve /review data from the sensors. Is there a scan tool/laptop based software in the 200-600 dollar range that will do these things? Or, am I just stuck with buying/finding a 1000-2000 Tech 2 and hope I don't get ripped off with a china copy? In reading/searching I found this: http://www.hptuners.com/products/ This seems to be what I'm looking for and I will call and talk to them but wanted to ask the forum if there were other options. Thank you, Andy

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