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  1. Dash looks really nice! I haven't seen a leather appointed one in our trucks in person, so I'm definitely going to have to go and check one out to see if this is something I could work into mine.
  2. Awesome, thanks! I can’t believe the amount of work on these but appreciate all the time and trying.
  3. Were you able to get the heated ventilated seats to work? I assume yours didn’t come with that from the factory.
  4. Mine was replaced under warranty, died at 34 months and 31k miles.
  5. How often do you get flashed?

    I'm leveled with halogens aimed back down to normal and don't get flashed at all. I will say it's getting increasingly harder to drive at night with a lot of people putting HID's into non HID housings and just glaring down the road, especially in lifted trucks that haven't had a thought to headlight aiming.
  6. Add Heated Steering Wheel to 2017 LT/LTZ?

    The wire to check and see if it’s hot will be under the knee bolster, under the dash. You don’t have to take the wheel off to check for power on that.
  7. Clock spring removal?

    No spring under there to surprise you and it will just slide back on, nothing to it really.
  8. Clock spring removal?

    Pick up some circlip/snap ring pliers. They're made to pop that off and then once your connectors are unplugged (possibly two under dash) your clock spring will just slide off.
  9. You’re correct. Only comes on with my hand pushing the button.
  10. Finished up wiring my new to me heated steering wheel into the harness and then sat back and marveled at the little light for turning on!!! (wheel heat is good too)
  11. Heated steering wheel

    Thank you! This was the one I couldn't find any reference to and the ones that were listed in the thread showed as incorrect or obsolete.
  12. '16 Sierra SLT from 2016 to present

    Nicely done, truck looks great!
  13. Heated steering wheel

    I finally got around to putting my new to me steering wheel/clock spring on (thanks Tbarn!) but am having a hard time sourcing the pin that goes into the connector on the back of the X51L fuse panel. I have the Yazaki pin for X201 (by the BCM) connector and the one I thought was correct for the other end came in but it's definitely not the correct one. I'm lucky enough to have the connector for the heated wheel in the harness, it's just not hot. Pgamboa - are you selling a pre-terminated wire that goes from the X51L to the X201? If so I'll shoot ya PM to get that ball rolling so I can finish this wiring as close to factory as possible. Thanks! Edited: looking for the terminal to order that goes into the X2 connector on the back of the X51L
  14. V4 to V8 'Squeak'

    I think some others have had this, I know I have it and try to tune it out. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/172013-squeak-when-throttle-is-applied/
  15. Here is a link I found with the Alpine gear. http://www.alpine-usa.com/company/press/ces2016/2016/alpine-electronics-expands-truck-specific-speaker-systems The PSS-31GM is the entire kit, while the SPT-31GM is the speakers, less amp and sub. From the link listed above: The PSS-31GM will have an SRI of $2,350 and the SPT-31GM will have a SRI of $1,050; availability is TBA on both models.

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