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  1. The link below is how to remove just about everything on the Mirror. It is a little rough when you get to removing the amber light because this is not easy to do alone or with a partner as you can see, and I haven't figured out an easier way to get this off.
  2. I am going to take it apart again today and record it so you can see how. It's not that hard seeing that I just got these on Wednesday night, pulled it apart to clean it yesterday and put it back together within a matter of 5 minutes.
  3. So anyone looking to remove the amber light to do modifications please reconsider. I just removed the light thinking it was just a lens and I could get to the inside to clean it and possibly make some changes but it is a sealed light due to the LEDs located within. So there is no way to get inside without breaking it. So I cleaned as much as I could and pieced it back together. Can't wait to get my second one so I can finally install them onto the truck this weekend.
  4. Finally got my mirrors on order. I've been debating on it for the two months I've been home from deployment. Thanks SS for all of your help. My wife didn't even know I ordered them until we went out and had a few too many drinks last night. She said as long as it comes out of your allowance money and not the joint account...Lol allowance ...yes please. I'll post pics when I get them on.
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