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  1. Barry i love you! lol no homo. Your suggestion made me re think what I was doing. This video nails it he even has a video on how to replace the switch! Great videos!
  2. Blazer cranks no start. Sometimes When I release the key it diesels once or twice. Srs light on abs intermittently. P204 o2 sensor post cat replaced. New fuel pump, new battery, new spider, new lower intake gaskets, new thermostat, new water pump. Dist cap had white corrosion cleaned reinstalled. I give up. Anyone have specific fix to solve my problem!?
  3. I also have a 2015 Silverado Lt1 5.3 sounds like a cricket chirping or sometimes it keeps going for like 10 seconds. I've seen posts here both claiming the 4wd switching in auto and the exhaust flapper valve. Z71 Texan you're saying the new exhaust solved the issue?
  4. 2014 5.3L Silverado 1500 engine tick

    Just got a 2015 silverado Lt 5.3 sounds like someone shaking an adjustable wrench under my hood..

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