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  1. Hood latch

    What's that gonna run me?
  2. Hood latch

    Ended on being a gunked up latch and the return spring needed a little help.
  3. Hood latch

    2007 silverado NBS. Cable is stuck somewhere keeping my hood from latching so it's stuck open. Very annoying. Is this a problem anyone else has had? If any one could point me in the right direction as far as certain spots in the cable where this might be common. Thanks guys
  4. 2007 NBS 1500 silverado z71 package. Have been recently having lots of headlight issues. First my passsenger side low beam went out so I assumed it was a bulb and replaced it. No luck. I swapped bulbs from the driver side that was on and it only worked in driver side. Fuses under hood had power but the socket the bulb goes into did not have power and neither did the wires before the socket. A week after just one headlight being out both low beams were out with both fuses having power. High beams were still working until today. Now when I flip my high beams on my driver side low beam turns on. I'm thinking dimmer switch but would like to get some opinions or how to test for a bad switch. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Would it be possible for them to go out at separate times and still be the switch?
  6. New body style. And neither headlight is turning on
  7. I'm taking it to dealer tomorrow hopefully if I'm off work. I'm just tired of messing with it and getting no results.
  8. Does anybody know how I could test to see if body control module is bad?
  9. 2007 chevy headlight problem

    I've also read something about the body control module causing problems with headlights. Any info on that?
  10. 2007 chevy headlight problem

    Or could anybody tell me what is between the socket and the fuse? I have no clue where to start with narrowing this down. Thanks again
  11. 2007 silverado

  12. 2007 chevy headlight problem

    That's what I was thinking also I forgot to add I stuck the wires right before the sockets and they didn't seem to have any power but I could have also not made good connection.
  13. Having a problem with bothheadlights on my 2007 silverado 1500 it's a NBS. Its 4x4 with z71 package. One headlight went out first (passenger side). I replaced the bulb with no luck. Swapping bulbs from the other side to know I didn't just buy a bad one. I have checked the fuses and they don't seem bad. Both sides light up a test light. The socket that the headlight plugs into has no power when using a test light to check it. The other headlight has now also gone out. Any help would be much appreciated.

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