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  1. I have installed 3 Bedrugs on 3 different models, GM and Ford. Each Bedrug had embossed areas showing you where to cut openings for lights, tiedowns etc. The markings are on the back side of the rug, embossed in the padding material. The installation instructions noted where they are.
  2. Happened to me also with yesterday's snowfall. Am trying wiping down headlight bezels with cooking release spray like Pam, it works for snow shovels.
  3. Truck axle production moving back to the expensive US from cheaper Mexico. Been wondering since these posts if product quality was the reason for this change. http://www.autonews.com/article/20170116/OEM01/170119817/gm-to-invest-%241-billion-in-u.s.-manufacturing-move-axle-work-from http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2017/01/450_new_gm_jobs_coming_to_mich.html
  4. Had to have my chrome clad rims replaced for corrosion also. This is another quality issue. GMC chromed bumpers aren't degrading after road salt exposure, but their chromed wheels do degrade. I can remember when chrome plating was a corrosion inhibitor. Now the plating is so thin that its a waste of money.
  5. Funny how other vehicles in this price range have blind spot detection and warning but GMC doesn't. You're given a tiny blind spot mirror. Wonder how much that saved in production costs.
  6. Just had my chromed rims replaced by GM for the same problem. Amazes me how cheap they make stuff now and charge a premium for it.
  7. I'll take on your claim about worst dealer. Mine just ignored my complaints about vehicle shaking. The techs kept writing that the vehicle was operating to manufacturer's specs. Then the dealer replaced my wheels under the corrosion warranty. Lo and behold, shake almost completely gone! Just a quiver now and then and only on specific areas of freeways. SMH, I can't stand when the dealer doesn't believe me.
  8. I decided to keep the cloth type well liners on my 14 sierra mainly because they don't look as bad when soiled as the plastic ones. Cleaning them is more laborious but I have discovered that spraying them with an orange oil detergent and using a power washer makes it go easier. I am still perplexed as to how GM got what looks like felt to become a somewhat rigid and durable wheel well liner. Polymers? I wish the rear cloth type liners extended to cover the frame tubes like the prior model year plastic liners.
  9. Had the rims replaced on my vehicle yesterday. Took one short drive on the freeway, vehicle vibrates when driving in the 73-76 mph range. But the vehicle tracking is stable. No more vehicle shaking to the point it feels scary to drive. I don't think its going to get better than what I have now. I've decided to wait and see as some posters here mention that as the tires settle on the rims ride characteristics can change.
  10. I've owned both chromed and painted bumpers on GMC trucks. The painted bumper lasted about a year before it developed road rash. I switched back to a chromed bumper as it seems to handle anything kicked up at it better.
  11. Nice dealer. Mine gives free truck washes when they screw up . I do remember getting a 20 gift cert. once also.
  12. I'm adding Costco to my strategy then. Here's my current situation: My 2014 Sierra obviously has a badly balanced wheel because it will shake depending on where tires are rotated to. With 22k on the odo and 18 months into my bumper to bumper warranty, my chrome wheels are blistering and the chrome is flaking off. Gm is replacing them under warranty and when I get it back if it shakes again I'll try Costco. But first, I'm going right from the dealer to a freeway to see if it's happening again. If it does I'll take it right back.
  13. Welcome to the club, the ChevyShake club. My dealer still tells me my vehicle operates within manufacturer specs.
  14. Here's what I did after the dealer told me there is nothing they can do about it, on my 2012 Sierra. I took pieces of foam weatherstripping, the kind with adhesive on one side of it, and snugged it in between the lamp housing and the housing trim. Problem solved. GM mechanics have no creativity, if its not in their corporate manuals they have no clue. Instead of nuts and bolts, GM has decided that plastic clips and retainers build a vehicle faster and cheaper, maximizing profits.
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