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  1. My friend never put his in 4 wheel drive yet. Dealership replaced ECM to no avail. Brought in GM regional tech guy and still can’t figure out issue. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. One of my friends just bought a High Country, 438 miles and at dealership unable to fix. Same symptoms as above. They can’t figure out the problem. Been in shop 3 weeks, only owned it 4 days before problem. He wants his money back. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I have had my passenger side cv axle replaced after my old school alignment shop strobe balanced my tires(spin up fronts on truck at high speed) and replicated my high frequency vibe(rumble strip). We thought it had to be the cv shaft, unfortunately it wasn't the shaft and I still have vibe. This most recent time to alignment shop we spent some time trying to diagnose. After spinning up, we put a stethoscope on the differential housing extension on passenger side and found it to be very noisy, making us suspect the needle bearings for the axle shaft. Smooth until high speed and then the whole truck was buzzing while lifted on jacks. Now the hard part of convincing my dealer to pursue, as they insist there is no issue. This is extremely frustrating. I travel for my work with this truck and I am at 34,000 miles(problems started at 163miles) and finding time to pursue is difficult. I think that a lot of the problems being discussed on the forums is actually multiple items, some being tires, some being driveline. Or like in my case both. Fortunately I replaced the Oem tires with quality Nittos and now up to 64 mph it is smooth as silk. Then the rumble strip vibe comes in, but tires are still smooth. If I can't get any resolution, I guess I will have to address myself, it will probably cost me less than the downtime f...ing with GM. Oh by the way, I bought my wife a 2015 Jeep Wrangler(smooth as silk, and good q.c.)to replace her 2008 Tahoe instead of new Tahoe. So GM you need to wake up to this, I am not the only one you are losing sales to over this issue! 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax
  4. I have a 2015i 3500 4x4 srw Duramax, been vibrating since I brought up to speed with 148 miles on clock. Mine was a multifaceted problem that was a combination of the Good Year crap tires and a bent rim. After replacing rim and installing a set of Nitto Dura Graplers at my cost, the heavy shaking was removed only to discover the "rumble strip" driveline viberation. This has been noticed since around 5000 miles, now at 31,000 on the odometer. I have been to dealership 4 times only to hear "can't duplicate" , "normal operation". The vibe begins around 67mph and continues up to it phases out around 75 mph. Well everyone else that rides with me can feel it. I use a old school truck alignment shop that still strobe balances the front tires(spin up tires approx 80mph on truck). During the last 2 visits, the very experienced tech felt the vibration coming from passenger side front axle. Upon placing stethoscope on housing extension he felt the needle bearings that support axle shaft in housing is the culprit. Back to the dealer with the news, and they are refusing to address. They don't have a strobe balance machine to replicate, and won't send someone over to the independent shop to observe. And to top it off, found the dreaded rear main seal leak on the Duramax. I am sick, $54,000.00 investment, this is deplorable. 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax
  5. Gone to be a little more stiff on the front, 6000# Front axle vs 5200# without prep package. Not any ride quality difference on rear, as same set up as 3/4, just helper springs that come into play after loading. Nice option though, as you get skid plates, h.d. oil and transmission coolers and big alternator for reasonable cost. 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax
  6. Roof lights are a pain, added them on my 06 when new. Only a $55.00 option from factory, you will have double that at least aftermarket and probably leak. As mentioned above, check for driveline vibrations. I have a 2015 3500 cc with snow prep package, built in late September, that has the "rumble strip" vibration that I am struggling to have remedied. 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax
  7. I just posted the other day in the HD forum, I have a 2015 3500 HD Duramax doing the exact same humming. Very interested in any new information. I know the only way I will get any resolution to this, will come from info on the forums. My local dealers are incompetent. 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax
  8. Hello, I found this forum in my search to remedy my problems with my new truck. I thank all in advance for sharing their knowledge. Front and center is the vibration issues that appeared the first time I brought truck up to 60+ mph(168 mi on the odometer). Many trips back to selling dealer yielded no help. On my dime, I replaced Goodyear SRA's with a set of Nitto Duragrappler hiway treads. I took truck to a old school heavy truck alignment shop, where they immediately found one of my base model steel rims to be bent from factory. After confronting dealer, they replaced the rim. Alignment shop then performed a good ole strobe balance on truck. This took care of the bouncing and hopping related items all the way to high speeds. This took place at around 6000 mi. After this I noticed what felt like a u-joint going bad or out of spec. At around 64 mph it feels like going over very worn rumble strips. This continues on up through 80 mph. I feel this was somewhat masked earlier due to poor tire balance. I drive a 2000mi round trip to Fla every 4-5 weeks(took delivery on 10/5/15, currently have 17,000 on odometer) and after each trip have returned to the dealer to no resolve. The same responses; can't duplicate or within spec. Realizing like with the tires, if I am to get any relief, I will have to diagnose myself. Therefore suspecting driveshaft, I had driveline specialist check rear driveshaft, which came up within specs. Now I am back at the drawing board, thinking maybe rear differential. I am open to suggestions. Also I have the passenger door wind whistle, that dealer also can't locate. Thanks 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax
  9. Hello everyone, new member but have been driving GM trucks for 29 years. Currently have 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax. Will be doing some posting in appropriate forums. Look forward to enjoying the knowledge here. 2015i GMC 3500hd cc4x4 Duramax
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