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  1. I use the Prince Lionheart 2 seat protectors also. I think they do a great job.
  2. Same here. I set it at 70deg and my kids are just fine in the back. Even after a baseball game when my oldest is hot and sweaty, it cools quick enough that my son never complains about it being too hot.
  3. Nice lookin' truck. I really like that black car next to your truck in the garage too!
  4. I've had mine in for about 6 months and the piping still looks new. I always park in a garage at home and a parking garage at work so it doesn't sit in direct sunlight too often, but it does get up to 100deg or more quite often during the summer.
  5. Agreed on Dr. Colorchip. I used it on a 10 year old black car that had a lot of chips in the paint and it did wonders.
  6. You could try sending an email to the salesman and/or sales manager that you are dealing with and copy the owner of the dealership highlighting all of this. The dealership for one of my old cars messed up my rim when they were doing a tire rotation. In my correspondence with them to make sure that they fixed it, I copied the owner of the dealership in an email. Needless to say they made it right quickly.
  7. I use a 32GB HP USB drive. Works just fine and is low profile enough. http://www.amazon.com/HP-v165w-32GB-Flash-Drive/dp/B0052WT1OC
  8. I don't understand all of the hate towards XM. I've had XM in my cars since 2006 and have never had a problem with them. I have cancelled service, transferred service, renewed service and such and each time the people were friendly and did just what I wanted them to. Yes, when I wanted to cancel, they tried to entice me to stay by giving lower rates and what not but nothing to complain about. I even got my excess payments refunded without issue (cancelled before my expiration date). The only thing I don't like is that you have to "cancel" at the end of each term to get the good rates again.
  9. I've had the protectors on my seats for the past 6+ months and have no issues with them blocking the vents. The seat cooling works just fine.
  10. http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B7M7CLA?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s01 These are the ones that I got. $18 for set of 2. Fit the back of the seat nicely.
  11. It isn't always an issue of "fixing the kids". My 5 year old doesn't "kick" the seat but sometimes his shoes will rub the back of the seat when he is getting into his car seat. Putting the seat back protector on helps protect against other scuffing as well (like getting bags out of the back seat area and such).
  12. Get seat back protectors. They are cheap (I got mine for about $20 for 2 on Amazon) and work well.
  13. Yes, the truck in my sig has the single drop down screen. I have been in cars/SUVs with the headrest screens and I personally prefer the single drop down screen. Like Red said above, you'll be hard pressed to find a truck on the lot with the rear seat entertainment in it. I ordered my truck built the way I wanted it.
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