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  1. I had a same problem with my last 2016 Silverado and the dealer changed the PCM or the ECU, not sure.
  2. I bought this part number Connector Part Number: 88956523 UI Bulletin 155 Preliminary.pdf
  3. Hi any idea where can I find Tablet Holder Harness?
  4. I got the LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold, because there no rubber on the side of it, looks great.
  5. you better go for Retractable Truck Bed Side Step. 2019 Silverado 1500 Retractable Bed Step, Black, Short Bed Models Part # 1941739 Or Standard and Long Bed Models Part # 19417393 The oem Assist Steps are long enough to cover the front side bed ( like the one came with HC )
  6. Done by my Bro, he has CNC and Laser machines.
  7. Just an Idea when I'm not using it and want the space.
  8. could you provide us a copy of the Installation instructions
  9. Chevy And Ford Dealers Have A Billboard Burn Battle. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/03/local-chevy-and-ford-dealers-have-a-billboard-burn-battle/
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