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  1. Looking to replace the stock rims and tires on my 2020 GMC AT4. Looks like a lot of people are running 18X9 with -12" offset on 35X12.5X18. Does this sound correct and will it rub with the stock suspension? Thanks Colton
  2. So I've had the resistors installed for about a week now. But just had one go bad already. It got really hot and melted the shrink wrap around the wires. Have you had any issues with the ones that you installed? Thanks Colton
  3. Does anyone know the part number for the connectors on the shocks. I found the male end on the wiring harness and its GM 1-823608-5 but the shock female end does not have a part number on it.
  4. Did you use the Benz harness for the connector to the factory plug? If so what kind of harness was it ie what year cam mag harness thanks
  5. I just had a front shock fail on me and the dealer called and said that both rears were leaking also. They want a whopping 3200 for all 4. Needless to say I’m not getting them. Might try the resistor first before going to much farther.
  6. Did you get the updated USB plugs. I just ordered mine and it comes with new USB plugs in the center counsel
  7. I recently upgraded to a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali. Not by my choice. Someone decided that they wanted to use my 2014 All Terrain as a demolition derby car and totaled it. I am trying to figure out with if I can get the HD option to work in the new truck. The question that I have is in the picture shown here what are the plugs in the radio module that are not being used. I know that GM disabled the HD option sometime in 2015 but just trying to figure out if it will work the the existing hardware that I have and get a software update to get it working.
  8. I live in St. Louis and thats the only place I will buy from. Prices are by far the best and I have had great results from there service department also. My 14 that I purchased from them in 13 was just recently totaled from an accident and I did not hesitate to go back and get another one. They deal in volume that why no one else can compare to there prices.
  9. So three weeks ago I take my truck in to get service and have the radiator checked out because I was seeing steam from the front passenger side. Turns out that the seam on the radiator was cracked. Ok, they replace it. No problem. I get the truck back and everything is fine. Day two comes and I am driving to work and all of the sudden the dash lights up and I start smelling transmission fluid. So I try and get the truck to the side of the highway and stop. There is transmission fluid all over the road and running out from under the hood. So I call road side assistance and they tow it to the nearest dealer (Not the one I bought it from, and not the one that did the work on the radiator). They look at it and said that the clip for the transmission cooler line is gone. Great. I thinking that this is going to get bad. So that dealer fills the transmission back up and replaces the clip. They go and test drive it and said that there is something wrong with the transmission. Its making noise. This all happened on a Saturday and my normal dealers service department is not open Saturdays. So Monday comes and they tow it over to my normal dealer and they say that there is nothing wrong. I am really puzzled at this point. So my normal dealer has the truck and a service guy drives it home that night and bam it does it again. Tranny fluid all over the road. So the next day they call and tell me that it did it again and that they found that the mold on the new radiator was bad and they are replacing the radiator again. That's all fine and dandy, but I now have a $50,000 truck that has transmission problems already with only 35,000 miles on it. I get the truck back and they said everything checks out. This has been over a week. I have a business trip that I am going on that's 350 miles from home. I take the truck and now it gets really bad gas mileage and groans when it is cold. It shifts really bad, speeds up when you hit the breaks, and does this funky upshift, downshift thing when you let off the gas peddle. Now its back in the shop again after I leave to go to lunch on Monday and the truck goes into gear really hard and the Service Stabili track and Check Engine light comes on. I drop it off and they call today and said they can't find anything. They said they are going to update the computer and try it again tonight. I am lost and don't know what to do. Have any of you guys had to deal with issues like this so far. I love the truck and have had no real problems other than the little annoying things like the seats moving, and the recall stuff happen.
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