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  1. Curious, What’s the offset on your Mavericks to fit that 34” tire?
  2. Nice! I did exactly this about a year ago. Rides great and love the look it provides. Perfect for my setup.
  3. I've got weather tech fronts and full over the hump rear for a crew cab in tan that I might be selling soon. I have a 14 high country and at the time I bought them they didn't make the cocoa color to match my interior so I had to go with tan. Looking to order the cocoa set here this weekend. I'll snap some pics in the next day or so if your interested. Pretty sure their the same part number for chevy or gmc but will check.
  4. Hey Horacio, Just gauging interest here: Any chance of a Morimoto Elite HID System Group buy? I've been wanting to replace my garbage halogens for a while now. Thoughts on getting interest on the H11 replacements?
  5. Finally got mine installed today. About 3 consistently interrupted hours to swap both out. 8 bolts on each side and the fog assembly slides right out from under the bumper. Then swap and reinstall. No need to remove whole bumper or front end. These things are bright and look fantastic. The pic does no justice.
  6. Amazon prime. Shipped to my door for free. Paid a local shop $15/tire to mount, balance, dispose of the used up wranglers.
  7. Just ordered mine as well. What a deal. Thanks for putting this together! Awesome work!
  8. Add me. I'm in for the xB Squares. 2014 Chevrolet Silverado High Country
  9. Thanks. Correct, I believe the finished height on the AT2s in that size was like 33.9" on Toyo website. Ive got over 11k miles on them, still look brand new.
  10. Don't disagree with anything you state here but I didn't say it was a magic cutoff. Simply stating due to angles of ball joints, typically anything over 2.5" level substantially adds greater risk for premature wear due to suspension geometry. Nothing is "safe"
  11. Exactly the kit I used and sold lower spacer. Good luck! Well worth it.
  12. I did try the 2nd setting before the top. A little stiffer ride on top setting that I noticed but that's expected as I added 10ply tires at the same time. My opinion avoid the lower spacer with the 5100s if you can since they are designed for height adjustment. Anything over 2.5" your at higher risk for premature ball joint issues. All depends on how much clearance you want Really.
  13. I'd do it again every time. The ride is tremendously better than stock. This is the only route I would personally go without a lift. I've done the RC 2" level and TGC 2.5" level on trucks I've owned, the billstein combo I put on here is the sweet spot IMO. Works best for me. If you want a little rake, put the fronts on the 3rd setting and you should be all set.
  14. I'm running similar setup on my '14 HC. Except my 5100s are set to highest setting (1.8") with a .5 in spacer on top in front. And swapped out stock block (1.25") for 2.25" block in rear also with 5100s. Running 295/60/20 on stock high country rims. Barely rubs, and I mean barely, inner liner at full lock. Sits about 1/4"-3/8" higher in rear. As Big Whiskey stated, you can run bigger Timbrens or Firestone Airbags in rear to help with squat while towing.
  15. I've got 5100s all around on my 14 High Country, fronts at highest setting with .5 top strut spacer and rears with 1" taller block than stock. Ride awesome on stock tires but a little rougher since I put on my toyos but I love it. I put up pics in the billstein thread a while back if ya wanna see what they look like. [emoji106]
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