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  1. Just an update, I moved up to Hartford. My house should be done by Thanksgiving hopefully.
  2. First off, to post a picture you need to have it uploaded on the web at some sort of site that allows picture linking on other sites. Secondly, the image must end in a valid extension (.gif, .jpg, or .swf for your avatar). AVATAR First you must go into "My Controls" which is located at the top of the page on the right hand side. Once inside click on "Edit Avatar Settings." Next, you can either select an avatar from the library by using the drop down menu, point your avatar to a URL of your choosing, or upload an image. The avatar is limited to 75x75 pixels so it is recommended that you resize your picture beforehand. For example, don't use an image right off of your digital camera. It will show up at 75x75 pixels, but it will actually be full size and take a person on dial up a long time to download. Signature **Please limit all sig line pictures to no more than 700 pixels wide x 200 tall** **Also, limit your sig length to no more than 10 lines** To post a picture in your signature you must first upload an image to a picture hosting site. Then, go into "My Controls" and once in there click on "Edit Signature." You will see a text box w/ controls above it very similar to that of a reply box. You can enter text, images, URL's, etc... To post your picture click on the "IMG" button above the entry box and paste the URL of the image. The code that appears is [img ]http://www.domain.co...r/yourimage.jpg[/img ] (minus the spaces between brackets). You can then click on "Update My Signature" which saves your sig and refreshes the page so you can check to make sure that it is updated correctly. Also, this will update your sig in every past post you have made as well. Images in Posts To post an image in a post you must have it upladed to a hosting site and just copy the URL of the image. When you reply to the post click on the "IMG" button and paste the URL. The code that appears is [img ]http://www.domain.co...r/yourimage.jpg[/img ] (minus the spaces between brackets). Hopefully this answers all general picture posting questions. If any members know of any sites that allow hot linking PM me w/ the URL's and I will keep a running list in this thread along w/ the date listed. Sites That Allow Hotlinking http://www.cardomain.com 2-25-04
  3. When's good for you guys? My weekends are very open with the exception of next week when I will be in Florida. Biggie, are you trying to beat me as the youngest avalanche owner or what?
  4. Where you been Biggie? I hear you've got a new ride now.
  5. works for me. look a few threads down, i want to put together a hooters meet up in appleton.
  6. Hey, quit posing as a midwesterner I'm gonna move this over to the Mountain/ Prarie forum. Welcome to the forum
  7. Biggie, I saw on CAFCNA that you wanted off the board. Were you having problems or what? Any more interest/ideas for this meet?
  8. Well if I'm looking less busy by then I'll let you guys know, but the way it stands now I'm pretty busy until the end of the semester.
  9. Won't be making it to that one since the end of the semester is upon me and I've got a lot of final projects that will be filling my weekends
  10. Well, I'll let you guys set a date. I am pretty much free every weekend so it's no problem for me.
  11. Alright sounds promising. You guys want to start throwing dates out there???? I'm thinking a saturday afternoon would be ideal.
  12. Sounds good to me. If Appleton sounds like a good area for everyone there's a Hooter's not too far from the Freeway
  13. I dont' have a problem w/ driving up by Appleton. Acutally I think I'll be heading up there next weekend.
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