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  1. Center Console Trim

    I do.
  2. Center Console Trim

    $60 shipped
  3. Yes sir, was a very easy mod. I’ll get you some shots of mine when I get gone from shift tomorrow. I have a canopy so the led lights look amazing in there. Light entire space.
  4. I just bought the GM harness(was cheap) and then cut off the pig tails for the GM lights and wired them to the led strip lights. Very easy and very cheap, I don’t have the harness part number; maybe someone here can drop that.
  5. I just installed the led strip lighting back there and ran it direct to that factory switching.
  6. I put it on without their supplied under fin first just to see how it sounds. I have a super 10 muffler and the whistle with music on and my muffler isn’t that noticeable. When I put the fin on; should be perfect.
  7. K2 synthesis console and front door trim

    Wanna trade for wood grain?
  8. Lift is booked for June 8th!! So stoked. 8” SuperLift with Kings 22x14 scorpions 37.5 x 15.5 Nitto trail grappler MT’s Custom bumper gives me clearance for the 37s. Also got on the top 50” curved ZROADZ bar, simply amazing instal and effortless. Only two holes for it and wire runs though one of the bolts. Use “oilfieldnow” as a coupon code on their website for 10% off your order.
  9. Got the ZROADZ 50” Curved on with their brackets. Love their set up, just one hole for each bracket and wire runs though bolt. Highly recommend!
  10. Already upgrading my gears to 4.56. What else should I upgrade? Lol would love input and I’ll make it happen.
  11. Sleep out of my truck through mountains in western Canada.. simply stunning views as you can litterly back up to a remote lake, open the tailgate.. and sleep away. No better feeling than waking up on a calm summer morning overlooking a lake with birds chirping. Try it, you’ll thank me!
  12. Super lift with Kings, installing mine on June 8th. With that kit I can run 22x14s with a -76 off set and still clear 37.5 rubber. I also had a custom bumper designed for it so if you do go as I did, you would just have to trim front bumper then inside wheel well. But can be done 100% and will look amazing. Just look at this coilover.. These photos below is an extract replica of how my truck will sit running the tires I mentioned above with that -76. Here’s an example of the bumper I’m having done and you can see the inside wheel well and how high I brought the bumper up to clear the 37s. If you kept stock bumper you would most likely just have to trim sides at a 35 degree angle and should be fine with the SuperLift kit.
  13. Your bang on, but its more or less a challenge we try to present our selves I suppose. I’m going for the bigger clearance with an 8” King suspension lift so I will have to stay away from steep banks. Where I take my truck it mostly needs clearance Imposed to driving up steep banks; so works well for my application. I get my truck done up then the wife wants a Jeep rig done up so we will also have a dedicated off road rig when all is said and done. Soooooo much more can be done to jeeps!
  14. New front end cv axels, new hub assembly’s and new upper control arms. Getting ready for the lift coming up!
  15. My truck got fabed up today for the Dual via air 444c system.. I’ll post photos when I get it back.. it’s amazing!

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