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  1. 2014 W/T to LT conversion

    Thanks buddy. Here are some more shots, message me if you need any help.
  2. 2014 W/T to LT conversion

    This is a 2014 WT2.. did almost every mod to up trim to LTZ inside, Denali cluster is left to do. Then this is the outside.
  3. Aftermarket bumpers

    Lot of work going into it. Not done yet though [emoji51]
  4. Aftermarket bumpers

    My guy makes them for about $1800 CAD up here in Alberta, Canada
  5. Here’s a few of the new shots.. this truck is now getting a ton of attention.
  6. Rear stock mud flaps

    Removed all my factory plastic prior to lift, looked so much cleaner. Now going with custom designed 16” flaps for this one.
  7. My 2014 Silverado is at 120,000 and running just as good as day one, not one issue with it. I know there’s problems out there, but complaining to others saying “should of bought a ford” doesn’t help anyone lol this is what I’m trying to explain should stop.
  8. Going on about fords being better and such. It’s much better for topics to stay on point instead of turning into a pissing match. Topics being on point can make it easy on readers now and 5 years down the road to read though these and stay on point with topic in hand. RARELY on these forums do they go off track, majority of time they have great contributors and mods look after deleting useless posts. The posts retaining basing gm, blah blah - should be removed. As should our posts talking about it lol Just hope people see this and see a reminder to stay on point. These threads are viewed for YEARS and YEARS down the road.
  9. What have you done to your K2 today?

    Love your truck and when these trucks have aggressive front ends. Here’s mine, still lots of work to do.
  10. Seems like this thread has gone in the wrong direction, maybe leave it to what it was created for.
  11. Rear Window (upgrade of sorts)

    I have my rear slider, switches, just need the motor. Have a part number phill?
  12. What have you done to your K2 today?

    I have a 14 and had jump seat before I upgraded to console - made my own harness. One of my USB plugins isn’t in use, can’t remember which one.
  13. What have you done to your K2 today?

    What year is your truck? Don’t have that USB plugin in mine.
  14. Looking forward to seeing results.
  15. Got the BedRug in, what a product - we camp back in here so will make it so much nicer. Highly recommend - perfect fit!

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