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  1. Mine sits around 26 at idle and cruising on the highway. Just like yours, it only increases to somewhere between 30-50 under somewhat aggressive acceleration. I don’t recall ever seeing mine above 60, but don’t recall ever giving her full throttle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Following. I don't have top tier diesel available near me. I bought some opti-lube summer+ but am nervous to put it in the tank without being more educated. Impulse buy....
  3. Here you go.... Sorry again for the confusion.
  4. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The $2,500 I mention is just for upper trims that I guess come standard with the 5.3L, so LTZ+ or SLT+. See the example below. On my AT4 the 3.0 was a 2,495 option over the 5.3L. Sorry for the confusion, it looks like my rant is only to people that opted for high trim levels.
  5. "worth it" is subjective... Do you mind explaining why you so definitively claim that the 3.0L isn't "worth it"? By your logic, I could claim that the 5.3L isn't "worth it" for most people when compared to the 2.7L or 4.3L. All of the engines that are offered have their strengths and weaknesses. When comparing the two engines for this discussion, I see the following: For the 3.0 (all of which cannot be argued) Superior fuel economy Slightly better towing (possibly not max weight, but I will quote what you say above, "it will pull like a freight train") Quickness (although this doesn't matter to me and presumably most truck buyers) Range - both come with a 24 gallon tank Against the 3.0 Cost (subjective... a lot of unknown variables) DEF - next to nothing Cost of fuel - Diesel v. Gas - fluctuates... and in my area the spread isn't large. E.g. filled up yesterday for $2.38 v. $2.18 for regular unleaded $2,500 engine option over the 5.3L - again based on the above I doubt you can make an argument that spending $2,500 extra is or isn't worth it in the long run New engine (reliability) - as I mentioned in another thread, who has a crystal ball? Am I an idiot for taking a chance on a first year engine? You have plenty to worry about with your amazing 5.3L as well. You act like nothing has changed to the 5.3L over the last 20 years Maintenance costs - again, subjective at best. Will the 3.0L experience major emissions issues? what about the wet oil pump belt that has to be replaced every 150,000 miles? How will this compare to the 5.3L? I am not trying to argue and truly believe the 5.3L is a great engine... Simple minded me just doesn't understand how you can so quickly write off the 3.0L? I would greatly appreciate your insight as to how I am wrong. For now... BYE BYE 5.3L, HELLO 3.0L
  6. Thanks for the info firetrout & akawally. Keep us posted.
  7. Getting ready for my first oil change... does anyone know where I can order the oil online? I am having a hard time finding it. Also, any recommendations on the brand of oil filter I should go with? Should I just stick with the ACDelco PF66?
  8. The need to come off that price some more... If they won't budge, I recommend Everett Buick GMC in Bryant, AR. Here is a similar truck for reference - https://www.everettbgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2020-GMC-Sierra_1500-Crew_Cab_Short_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_AT4-Bryant-AR/3551671463
  9. Really depends on the spread between 87 and diesel which fluctuates constantly. The other unknown variable is maintenance costs between the two. It’s safe to say the diesel will be higher, but by how much? I could easily argue the cost savings vs. the 6.2, but to argue against the 5.3 would be subjective at best. The rationale for MY decision to go for the duramax was: 1) total cost of ownership vs 5.3 - who has a crystal ball? probably a wash.. 2) I’d consider myself an enthusiast so a premium engine option makes me happy.. 3) personally, I don’t care about how fast my truck goes, as long as it is fast enough to feel safe (which the 3.0 provides easily) 4)The 3.0 puts out the same torque as the 6.2, and at a much lower RPM 5)I have a two year old and travel across state lines regularly to see family. Regardless of engine option, you get a 24 gallon tank (to my knowledge). The duramax makes late night drives so much easier. My 5.3 AT4 was lucky to get 17 MPG at 80-85MPH. Stopping constantly for fuels wakes up the little one and the wife. That s*** will ruin a long trip quickly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have a short box. I wish I could have gotten the standard, but unfortunately it wouldn't fit in my garage.
  11. I only have ~800 miles on my Duramax AT4, but so far I am very impressed. The powertrain feels light years ahead of the 2019 8 speed 5.3L AT4 that I traded in. No disrespect to 5.3L 8 speed owners, as I have owned 3 of that powertrain combo myself, but there really is no comparison for MY tastes. My last 8 speed (2019 AT4) was the best of the 3 I have owned... I really believe GM fixed a lot of issues with the changes they made to the 8 speed for the T1 platform, but it just was never truly smooth. The 10 speed Duramax combination on the other hand is smooth a silk. Only complaint: The Duramax seems to take much longer than the gas v8's to warm up. Gas mileage won't be great with the Duramax (in my limited experience) until it is fully up to operating temp. If a high percentage of my driving was short trips of say less than ~5 miles one way, I would probably prefer the gas. The sound of the engine is great, nice and quiet, but you definitely know its a Diesel. Fuel mileage has been wonderful compared to my 2019 5.3L AT4. I listed some of my fuel economy numbers below, if interested. 2020 Duramax AT4 (800 miles) Best 25 - 33.3 mpg Best 50 - 30.1 mpg Best 400 - 25.1 mpg LTD - 24.3 (a lot of idling early on without many miles to normalize - slowly creeping up) 2019 5.3L AT4 (5200 miles) Best 25 - 24.5 mpg Best 50 - 21.2 mpg Best 400 - (didn't get a picture of this before I traded, but I believe it was in the low 19's) LTD - 17.5 mpg Both are literally the same exact truck down to the color, other than the powertrain of course. Same stock 18" wheels and factory duratracs.
  12. Beautiful truck! Glad to hear you are liking the duramax. I just got one myself! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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