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  1. I know what your saying. Im talking about the light on the chrome rotating piece. Not the lights that tell you what mode you are in, but the light on the piece that rotates
  2. So how do i know when 4wd is engaged when im in auto? There is a light on the ring of the selector that seems to come on and off. Im not talking about the little circles for 2wd auto 4h 4l, im talking about on the little ring you turn to select the mode. There is a little light in there. Seems to come on and off from time to time. Only just noticed it today while using auto since its crappy out here in michigan. Also how do i know when auto put me in 4wd? Are the two linked?
  3. Sick of AFM, cant seem to find a 6.2 in my price range, or a heavy duty, or a 2014+ so and im looking for a new truck but if i want to get rid of AFM issues looks like i gotta go ford or ram? the question is if i buy a lower mileage silverado/sierra 5.3 NNBS and disable AFM while the motor is still good, will it hurt it? i mean the motors lifters are meant for AFM so being in V8 all the time might hurt it wouldn't it? i know people have had good experience with turning it off but i dont want to put a band aid on the problem, i want to stop it completely. right now im running an 09 silverado 5.3 ext cab and want to solve 3 issues: 1. i want a crew cab 2. i want to be done with AFM issues FOREVER 3. my truck is needing some body work so time to find a cleaner one
  4. even if it is fine as sahls01gmc says, I still want a black crew cab with less miles, and I think (could VERY well be wrong) that lifter issues cause more damage in the gmt900 trucks with AFM than with older gens. on top of that I want something that needs less body work. thanks Gurrzt ill be sure to try that tonight. hoping to make the deal happen on Saturday but we will see
  5. call me the bad guy here but I wanna trade in my 09 with lifter tick and get an 11 with way less miles, a bigger cab, and in better shape. so I don't think there was lifter tick when I got the truck with 102,000 miles, but after I got my first oil change (syn) I noticed it.. and it just seems worse and worse with each oil change. if I remember correctly sea foam silenced them for a bit. looking for some tips to hide lifter noise when I go to trade in... I know im the bad guy but im probably going to already take a hit on the trade in and im pretty sure the dealer I got it from put super thick or thin oil (whichever hides lifter tick) with some sea foam and had me test drive it, maybe im crazy, maybe the next truck will end up like this one... test drove it today with 65k miles on it, good condition 2011 sierra. wondering if it is okay, how can I prevent the lifters from going bad? range delete system? thanks a ton
  6. hey well all the guys with the money are gonna be buying the 2016s soon so that means I can afford the 2014-15 body style sooner! so I guess im happy
  7. time to beat a dead horse, I reset my pcm/ecm when I cleaned throttle the other day, and all motor vibrations at idle and 900 rpms went away.... then came back. BUT I installed a DIC and when I watch it go from v4 to v8 the vibration from 900 to 1000 ish rpms is ALWAYS when it switches from v4 to v8. its not a shutter or vehicle shaker but noticeable and annoying as hell. also my slight vibration at idle is back and I but not as bad so I think that actually was the throttle needing some cleaning. lifter tick ONLY occurs in v4 cruising on the road so if someone could explain any of that or give some tips thatd be helpful. think I might just need new lifters and put a programmer on to shut off the AFM/DOD. I change my oil every 1500 to 2500 miles full synthetic done by gm dealer. guy before me who owned the truck clearly didn't do the same.... thanks for any help 5.3L 2009 AFM ext cab 4wd 1500
  8. The z71 was what i was talking about sorry for not clarifying. Thanks
  9. anyone know if I order the 2014 grill emblem can I put it on my 2009 pickups grill?
  10. nevermind I don't think they can be interchanged for less than a few thousand from what I read in the last few minutes
  11. ill trade you pm me if the screen on yours isn't messed up, I have the knobs and am looking to switch to the buttons
  12. 2009 5.3 z71 afm ext cab. want to clear 35 or 33 inch tires, looking for a wide stance. how much lift am I looking at roughly? im thinking I want 12 inch width? 20 or 18 inch wheels? how do the space and blocks work exactly? what size would get me a good wide stance? im new to off road suspension and tires. any help, comments, or links to good priced wheels and tires is useful and deeply appreciated. kinda dead set on nitto mud grapplers but wheels I have no idea yet. trying to figure out a color scheme for the truck still. thanks - mike
  13. the 2011 and 2012 should be the same, as long as its the same color. the 2007 to 2013 trucks have A LOT of interchangeable parts. just ordered a DIC panel for my truck since my trim didn't come with it, the gm supplier website I used said fits all trucks in that year range I believe, or maybe it was 2008 to 2010. either way parts are interchangeable for the most part
  14. looks better without but as the truck ages and the black protectant of the frame wears off you will see the rusty frame and maybe rusty rockers start to show, then youll want those bars, keep the rockers well maintained either way!
  15. Just wanted to say I cleaned my throttle today and I saw an immediate difference in the truck. everyone with a rough idle or a vibration at 900-1000 rpm should look into this. both were problems I had and after cleaning the throttle and intake my idle is so smooth I have to stare at the needle to see any movement. also if you look back at my posts I had a vibration at 1000 rpm or so and so far that seems gone as well, If there is any change I will update this post for future reference to anyone that reads this. by the way the truck is a 2009 Silverado 5.3 ext cab z71 with afm. hope this helps anyone else with those problems
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