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  1. Good luck. Back in 15 My Silverado stayed at 3000 for 6 months (during which I hit the end of 15 production and start of 16). Made the switch to gmc days after production started and stayed at 3000 for something like a month and a half. Ordering is made to be a frustrating thing, and I'm not really sure why.
  2. Wonder when they changed. My dad had a 05-06'ish escalade he had to cut for a customer, and same for a co workers Envoy of the same era. I still won't believe it just because of stainless cables. Nothing escapes this nasty shit around here without preventative maint! ? We had engineers come through a yr or so ago and said they made a change in hardware because they figured out they could save so many millions a yr. great, they'll rust even faster. We already see nuts and bolts that are rotted beyond a socket head after just a yr.
  3. I had and still have thoughts about that. More so because I've seen far too many of those cable mechanisms fail after years of rust and rot, and then when you really need the spare, you end up beating the daylights out of that mechanism. I don't use my bed to capacity often, but when I do, I need it, sans a big wheel assy. Catch 22
  4. Northeast Ohio. I filled up last back In June-July so freezing wouldn't be the issue. maybe as of late, but the initial issue showed up back when it was 90+
  5. For what it's worth they may have filled it but the screen hasn't updated yet. Mine is pretty slow to update once it gets below 'ok' level. Filled up at my last oil change, just performed an oil change the other day, def gauge still reads 24%. Never moved since last time of filling. Drove me nuts for about two weeks and then I stopped bothering to look unless 17's have different programming than 16's
  6. I've not had the pleasure, but my dad has done dozens of them, as well as his own on his old 99. Not a walk in the park, I hear.
  7. I do fluid film, my brother oil sprays. Both will wash away over the course of the year so it is something that has to be done annually. No big deal for me, I have the fluid film air gun and just throw up on lift (this year was jackstands in my garage) and spray away. Total time was about 4hrs start to finish, so not even that time consuming. Worth it to protect against the nasty brine and salt, if you ask me.
  8. Yeah I'm not interested in reapplying the same wax that is already on there; the same wax that dries up in months and falls off in chunks. The first oil change was due before the first winter so I put it up on the lift, just the lift pads contacting the frame was enough to wipe/smear the wax away, so I had no doubts it wouldn't be around for long. As for fluid film thinning out the wax and smearing off- it definitely does. The fluid film is a semi runny gel/oil type substance though- so where wax disappears, fluid film will fill in. If I had the time, I'd scrape all the wax off anyways, the stuff hurts more than it helps, no matter who shows up to defend it. I've seen huge chunks peel off after a few years with a giant rust pocket underneath it.
  9. Sprayed my truck with fluid film last year, first winter for it. Crawled up under a couple days ago to spray again for this year- you can definitely tell right where I got lazy last year. The rest of the truck is pretty rust free, aside from some real light areas on calipers and brackets- not too worried about those areas
  10. I'm not here for a pissing contest, so with that said, you're right. Case closed Hopefully this link is ok to post, i reference gm literature but this is the same info http://www.duramaxhub.com/duramax-maintenance.html I've also beat my head against the wall about switching over to transynd fluid when I'm due for trans service, I'm still contemplating. Synthetic fluid that Allison says is good for 150k under all conditions
  11. I'll keep that in mind next time I'm at Midas and they sell me a $2500 brake job on a 20k mile car. Good thing I didn't go to the dealer, probably would've been $6000!!!! Some peoples misinformed opinion you'll never change, just don't try passing it off as fact, jack ?
  12. lugs are 120 I thought. Caliper bolts are just 'tight'. I'm sure there's a torque spec, but it's really not needed. Looks like I was wrong, 140ft lbs
  13. Last vehicle I drove if I wanted more than one flash I had to engage the turn signal switch. I'm more than happy with my three.
  14. I can't do it either. I've tried a few times, smoother down shifts for sure, but it's just habit- turn key, smack exhaust brake switch
  15. Not quite. As long as you have good quality def that meets this cert. you should be good, is what I got out of gm's response.
  16. if you order right when 18's are realesed, there are likely to be no incentives right away. if i remember correctly my truck was about a 2% increase in price from 15 to a 16
  17. i'm fairly certain we have waivers cust can sign off on taking unsafe vehicles off lot. if you offer to tow or trailer they should be willing, if everything is on the up and up. if you have any questions about the price, shop your local dealers. or even dealers around the selling dealer. the place not to ask for pricing advice is a forum. most people think most repairs should be less than $50 and take 5min at most, so anything more than $100 is highway robbery.
  18. Yeah go borrow your buddies hd and take a short trip with the tires at 75psi. Then take that same trip with tires at 55psi. Night and day difference. I don't want a 1500 Cadillac feel, but I don't need to knock a tooth out every time I run over a pebble either ?
  19. Not to dig up an old thread, but after a year and a half of ownership, I finally hooked up my dads snap on verus scan tool, and it was able to lower the tpms threshold. Could choose a number of load ranges for the tires, and lower the tpms threshold all the way to 26psi. Just another option for those of you whose dealers won't recalibrate. If you know of a repair shop with a high end snap on scan tool (other brands may do it as well, I cannot comment on that) After a year and a half with a light and having to dismiss the notifications every ignition cycle, it's kinda weird not seeing it
  20. I couldn't say one way or the other on that, I never look at that screen. I just use the trip screen or whatever it is. I'm not too terribly interested if he is or not anyways
  21. Don't know what you're looking at, but the cruise isn't set. Can't even tell that he's moving, just that it's at 13-1400rpm. How's the view from that pedestal?
  22. In my opinion and experience, it's only worth taking the truck in for any problems you are currently experiencing. If you had a dash rattle on the second Tuesday of last December but haven't heard it since, that's going to result in a no problem found/ vehicle operating as designed at this time. If you go in with a dozen different complaints that you heard on the internet but are not experiencing in your truck, that's going to result in a pissed off tech that will hastily run through every complaint with a no problem found. (Not one person gets paid to look at imaginary problems under warranty unless there are failed parts which result in a replacement) Also if you go in and say you have no complaints, you just want to have it checked out before the warranty expires, every one involved in the chain of dealership rank will take an attitude and your truck will get pushed through very quickly with no repairs. Of course there are exceptions to every situation with individual dealers, but those are far and few between. Your best bet is to go in for an oil change. They'll most likely go through a multi point check list and should catch anything that is obvious.
  23. You've been considering for far too long ? Financially unable to trade in anyways, but my toughest time when I thought I would go for the l5p for a quick second was which one to go with. I've grown quite fond of all the small nuances of the Sierra, but the scoop, imo, looks so much better on the Silverado. With that being said, I finally saw a Sierra in person and looked better in real life, but I still prefer the Silverado look.
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