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  1. I completely agree. I had the 5.3L with the 6 speed in my 2018 and it always seemed to be searching for gears with a clunk on every downshift. The new 8 speed in my 2019 with the same engine is night and day better! Smooth as butter!
  2. Thanks for the info! I went with it. Just came in today and I installed it about 30 mins later. So far I like it. I had the oiled on the previous truck with no issues at all. I just like the idea of the powercore not requiring oiling.
  3. Is anyone running the volant system with the Donaldson power core filter? If so what is your impression?
  4. Opinions are something everyone has I guess but I am with you on the 89. Black Bear Tuning recommends a minimum of 89 on a stock tune in our trucks with the 5.3. From my understanding they recommend this because while doing tuning they have noticed retarding of the timing and engine knock while on their computers. Their explanation of why this is makes sense to me. Our engine has a 11:1 compression ratio. Higher compression engines need a more controlled burn which means a higher grade of fuel. Agree or disagree for the difference I will stick with 89.
  5. Thank you for your input! I pulled the trigger on a 2017 yesterday. Ended up finding a good deal on a crew cab SLT with the gas engine and 8 speed transmission. Its still new to me but so far I have enjoyed it. I really appreciate the MPG. I averaged 27.2 on a 250 mile trip home with it last night.
  6. Hello all, I am looking for some help from the pros! I currently have a 2015 Sierra 1500 and due to a new commute and no real need for a full sized I am considering stepping down to the midsized truck. I have done some research before now and I am considering getting the duramax due to a long distance drive like 200 miles each way for a few months then after than more like 75 miles each way. What are some things that are must haves from experience. Things that I really need to make sure that I get as far as options. I'm not sold on the duramax but its at least a contender. I'm looking for any and all buying tips from everyone. Are there any things that you guys think "wow" I am glad I have that or "dang" I wish I would have gotten this. Thanks in advance for all your help!
  7. Thanks for the pictures! Definitely gonna get some ordered soon!
  8. Real pictures would be great if you get the chance! Thanks for the info!
  9. Thanks for the review! I really like the way they look and was hoping the fitment was good like the pictures I've seen!
  10. I found the new premium all weather floor mats that GM offers. I just wondered if anyone had tried them and what they think of them?
  11. I have ordered the Borla S type so we will see how it goes it should be here on Tuesday and of coarse if this is time It will be on the same day. So we will see how it goes!
  12. Exactly what I figured. I tow a camper 2 or 3 times a summer usually about 100 miles each time plus a side by side a good bit and I wanna be able to enjoy the ride. I will probably end up with the s type or the corsa but I'm really learning towards the s type just for my preference in sound..
  13. Thanks! That's good to hear I'm leaning that way after listening to sound clips. I guy I work with has the borla s type on the same set up as mine so he's gonna drive it to work and take me for a spin to see what I think.
  14. I'm going to eventually I think I'm just not ready to dump the warranty just yet... I'm just not a fan of the it. Nothing wrong with it just not my cup of tea.... I love the sound of the borla mufflers
  15. I like the corsa but I have heard others mention of a drone while crusing at highway speeds. I drive 80 miles each way on 4 lane to work and it would drive me crazy. The atak may do the same I just wanted to hear from others that have any of these systems and see how they like them
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