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  1. When you say it jerks do you mean like 5th wheel kerchunk from the normal play/slop in the 5th wheel hitch or do you mean the bucking from the infamous interstate crack bounce that sets in like a resonant frequency? If it is the bounce I would make sure my trailer nose weight is not too heavy and you might try a Trailair pin box.
  2. The jerking sounds like 5th wheel ker-chunk. What brand 5th wheel hitch and what brand of pin box on the trailer. A lot of people like the MOR-Ryde pin box or the Trailair. Some have gone to the Andersen hitch that uses an A frame in the bed and converts the king pin to a ball mount to eliminate the ker-chunk. The Andersen A frame connects to a B&W Turnover Ball gooseneck hitch and that allows you to remove everything and have a flat floor in the bed of the truck when you are not towing the trailer. Can't help with the power problem if you are punching the Tow/Haul button. That diesel ought to pull it.
  3. If I hit a pole like that and the airbag didn't deploy the only person I'd be talking to is my lawyer. The only truck I'd be worrying about is the new one GM would fork over as part of the settlement.
  4. You know...I'm not sure what fixed the collision sensor, the software update or the antenna, but it has been working properly since the visit to the shop.
  5. I'd like to find a good shop to do a delete on my '15 LML somewhere near Augusta, GA. I don't have many miles on it but every time I take it in to the dealer for an oil change I see at least one sitting in a bay with the cab lifted off of the chassis because the DEF system is screwed.
  6. My mistake. I thought maybe they were making other changes like height of the sides or something.
  7. They're gonna sell a lot of trucks just because of that tailgate.
  8. Thanks guys. I'll give them a call. Is the Platinum plan the way to go for a loaded up High Country?
  9. Any hints as to where the best place to buy the GM warranty and how much the longest, time wise, one costs?
  10. Just put the chrome M2M "Duramax" on my '15 High Country, Looks good with the rest of the chrome, well made, and about 10 minutes to install. I almost bought the "High Country" one but I think the "Duramax" design will allow more air flow.
  11. I have a 2015 3500 HD 4x4. Today I pulled the cover on the fuse panel on the driver's side dash to look for the fuse that I could move to make my 12V plugs in the center dash switched power instead of retained power. When I got the panel off, the diagram plastered on the inside of the panel did not look anything like the fuse panel in my truck. Nor did the diagram in my owner's manual look anything like the actual fuse panel. . I did find the fuse that I needed to move to get switched power but it was nowhere near the location shown on the diagrams. Luckily it was the only 50 amp fuse on the panel and was easily recognizable because it had the spare lug where you could move the fuse from center lug to bottom lug to center lug to top lug. Just curious why my numbered fuse panel diagrams are totally different from the actual fuse panel and am I the only one.
  12. My '15 High Country did not come with 5th wheel but the dealer had to install the running boards, cargo box side step, and the chrome front tow hooks. I bought it before they PDI'd it and had to wait for them to put the running boards and step on. Had to take it back to get the chrome tow hooks because they forgot to put them on.
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