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  1. Extended Warranty

    Thanks guys. I'll give them a call. Is the Platinum plan the way to go for a loaded up High Country?
  2. Extended Warranty

    Any hints as to where the best place to buy the GM warranty and how much the longest, time wise, one costs?
  3. Cover large lower grill opening

    Just put the chrome M2M "Duramax" on my '15 High Country, Looks good with the rest of the chrome, well made, and about 10 minutes to install. I almost bought the "High Country" one but I think the "Duramax" design will allow more air flow.
  4. Bed Steps

  5. Fuse Panel Diagram

    You mean I'm rotationally dyslexic?
  6. I have a 2015 3500 HD 4x4. Today I pulled the cover on the fuse panel on the driver's side dash to look for the fuse that I could move to make my 12V plugs in the center dash switched power instead of retained power. When I got the panel off, the diagram plastered on the inside of the panel did not look anything like the fuse panel in my truck. Nor did the diagram in my owner's manual look anything like the actual fuse panel. . I did find the fuse that I needed to move to get switched power but it was nowhere near the location shown on the diagrams. Luckily it was the only 50 amp fuse on the panel and was easily recognizable because it had the spare lug where you could move the fuse from center lug to bottom lug to center lug to top lug. Just curious why my numbered fuse panel diagrams are totally different from the actual fuse panel and am I the only one.
  7. My buddy's 2018 duramax

    My '15 High Country did not come with 5th wheel but the dealer had to install the running boards, cargo box side step, and the chrome front tow hooks. I bought it before they PDI'd it and had to wait for them to put the running boards and step on. Had to take it back to get the chrome tow hooks because they forgot to put them on.
  8. Yeh.......once a week on Sunday evening I drive mine 1/4 of a mile from the house down to the road to put my garbage can out........mine drops 2% on the 1/2 mile round trip.
  9. Nav Map Update

    Got a 2015....don't think I have Android Auto. Never really looked for it but I don't think I have it.
  10. Nav Map Update

    Well...yes it is. But I'm old and I like the big screen and I don't want to have to mount...or lay....a small screen piece of crap somewhere and still not be able to see it. Just a personal preference. I figure if I can't afford to update the map every once in a while I shouldn't have bought a truck with a big screen GPS unit.
  11. Nav Map Update

    I updated the map in my 2015 Monday. Took exactly 50 minutes...no error or missing file messages. Everything still seems to be working okay. I took the $139 "special" with free shipping + tax came to $151.19. It's sort of expensive but I try to update the maps in all of my vehicles every 2 or 3 years. I don't so much mind paying for the map updates as I resent the fact that the new maps are already 1 year or more old by the time they publish them.
  12. My '15 3500 diesel cools fine once it finally starts putting out cool air. My beef is that it takes it a minute or more before there is any sign of cool air, even though the fan is running at high speed. In this Georgia 106 heat index today I almost pass out until I'm down the road a mile or so and the cool air starts coming out of the vents. It's almost like it has a delay on it or something. Of course it is working perfectly when I'm at the dealer so they say it's normal operation.
  13. Rear rail post hole elongated

    And us old, short legged little round guys do appreciate them putting that there. Even with that grab point it's still all I can do to get on the tailgate of my 3500 HD 4x4. Can't hardly get my foot up TO the step in the bumper.
  14. My IBC works perfectly and the biggest positive is that it is not a shin or knee knocker hanging from the dash. Best thing since sliced bread for somebody that has to have a trailer brake controller. My experience with Prodigy and other aftermarket controllers is that they work best if hung horizontally but to do that they usually get hung low where you can bang your leg on them.
  15. Need floor mats

    I had the GM slush mats and replaced them with the Husky Xact Coutnour I like the Huskys a lot better since they actually cover the carpeted area of the door threshold. I live on sandy property and that door threshold area was always full of sand with the GM mats.

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