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  1. No I didn’t notice any but then again I didn’t try the 87. Went right for the 93 since that’s what I ordered from Lew.
  2. Hey all, I wanted to share my experience running 34.25in 295/70R18 tires on leveled truck. Feel free to let me know if I should have just posted this under another thread. My truck is a 2015, 1500, 5.3L, 3.42, CC, Bilsteins 5100 (Highest Setting), RC upper control arms (Old tube style), 3in Moto Fab rear blocks (+2in of lift), Rear Rancho RS7000 shocks, and a Tune. The Cooper Evolutions M/T tires have been great so far they were cheep $188 each Walmart, ride pretty good, and are great when things get soft. I would like to change to some better UCA but these have been at home in a box for 2 yea
  3. I would shoot an email to East Coast Gear Supply. Here is what they sent me to help figure out what gears to go with. This is for a 34 inch tire but he suggested 4.88 since I tow a lot.
  4. Hey I just did the 93 tune last night on my 2015 z71 5.3. I did not do anything other than the basic 93 and firm trans tune. I have to put 150 miles on it before I can data log for Lew to do the custom DiabLew tune. My truck is stock with 3.42 gears and 34in 295/70R18 tires. I can definitely notice the tune not for the power but the overall drive. The trans is already shifting so much better. I know this does not answer all your questions but I wanted to share my experience.
  5. So the issue you may run into is the pockets that hang down (Blue Circle). If those were gone or cut off you may be able to have the mounts go up in between the frame to get to the right spot (Red Square). You may also have to move the receiver forward to clear the round cross-member between the frame rails. I will take a look at mine tomorrow to see if that would work. I see you have a 2018 is it the same as my 2015?
  6. Hey I would love to help you get this figured out. Im not 100% sure I understand what you are thinking of doing but im guessing you want the receiver to be through this hole (Blue Arrow). When you say flip the mounts where would you put them? Also what year is your truck? For my set up I installed the hitch like normal and just flipped the 2 in receiver part upside down to gain ground clearance for a no weld option. I put a red box where it would most likely end up if you did the same thing I did on my truck that would hurt your approach angle worse.
  7. Hey all, just wanted to check in to see if anyone has any thoughts on this issue?
  8. Hello all, I am having a bit of trouble with my truck when under light throttle. Between 1000-1700rpm when driving with no load my 5.3L starts to surge about 50rpm with a increase in felt power when it happens. I am also hearing a vibration or light grinding sound. From my reading I’m thinking this could be a torque converter issue maybe the shift solenoid. When the truck is in tow mode I don’t notice the issue but if I leave grade braking on when the truck downshifts it does not feel normal or what I’m used to when I tow. It’s somewhat harsher. Thank you all for your time I sure appreciate ev
  9. Nice job recreating this! I could never figure out how it got out of wack but it sure is nicer to read all together. Thank you!
  10. Hey guys! Sorry for the delay.... have a two year and two week old at home. FUN! So its it’s been awhile since I have been under a 98 era truck but the nice thing about that model hitch aside from being able to flip it to gain clearance is the fact that it’s adjustable width wise. As long as the truck has clearance in the center between the frame it should be fine. If I remember correctly the radiator might sit a little lower in that truck as the whole front end is shorter but I’m happy to give you any measurements of my hitch when I get back to my truck Sunday afternoon.
  11. Easy you just have to take a knee to do it on a stock hight truck. I also don`t have the air dam so that helps but plenty of room to get a hand and pin in.
  12. I agree its a bit slow...... got a few post out that have not received any interaction. I do agree with the others that you can use the search function for about all K2 questions.
  13. The soft topper with the decked system are the two best investments I have made into the truck. The topper really needs to be cleaned but has held up very well the last two winters. It does get a little stiff as all canvas will. I made the mistake of taking it off to have it cleaned by a boat cover cleaner and ended up not taking it. So when I went to put it back on it was cold and tight but still went on. Also it has had 2ft of wet snow load on it with out a issue.
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