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  1. New TN member

    Heres a couple pics I took, will take more this weekend. Yea I use to be big into craigslist. I hardly ever kept a vehicle over a couple months, actually I never had to renew a registration until just recently with my silverado. I use to love doin all that tradin, my parents started me out with an 87 silverado that I fixed up, and worked my way all the way up to 05 powerjoke and sold out then only for college. I ended up makin some pretty good money off all those deals. Id usually find somethin that needed a little work done to it and fix it myself and keep on tradin up.... Anybody on here around the Woodburry or Cookeville area? As far as the Rocky Ridge goes, they send these trucks down to Georgia to Rocky Ridge and they install their products, and your factory warranty will cover the lift also. This Rocky Ridge is the altitude edition, so basically they started out with an SLT and then installed a 6" lift, 35's, stainless steel exhaust system( that only looks good, still has no sound), step bars, and they also tune the engine to compensate for the lift and extra weight from the tires. I havent road in any stock 14's yet, but im really impressed with the amount of power this thing has compared to my 04 5.3. This thing will turn those 35's over very easy.
  2. Rocky Ridge

  3. Hows it goin everybody? New to the forum, here in Tennessee. I just bought a 2014 Rocky Ridge Edition Sierra, but i'm not new to the GM world. I also have an 04 Silverado and an 85 custom deluxe and have had plenty more gm vehicles. Just a little background info for you guys, My name is Cody, I am 20 years old, graduated from college and am a diesel mechanic. I work for Estes Express Lines, working on class 8 tractors and love what I do. My new purchase is now my 17th vehicle, I have been into buyin/sellin/tradin sence I was 15, but I plan on keepin this one for the long haul. Ive had plenty of used vehicles, but I bought this one mainly because I wanted somethin that I knew was taken care of and would last me a long time. I hope I'll be able to learn alot through through this forum, and also gain some new friends. I do not have any pics of my truck yet, but once I do I'll show it off to you guys.

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