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  1. 1970 C-10 In line 6, 3 in the tree, (140,000 miles) couldn't kill it, great party truck in high school. 1977 GMC Scottsdale. 350 CI. Auto. (100,000) passed every thing but gas stations. 1983 Ford Ranger. V6 5 speed. (12,000 miles) Warrenty expiered and dumped it fast! Not in sound mind at the time of purchase (left handed smokes) 1987 Dodge Ram Charger Prospecter. 360 Ci auto 4X4.. 6" lift, 35" mudders,(40,000 miles)... Nice truck.. 1989 Toyota Ext cab 2 wd. 22RE 4 cyl. 5 speed. This pick up is still in the family and has 430,000 miles on it. 1 alternator, 1 clutch, 1 water pump, 2 steel boxes, 1 fibre glass box. 2 sets of doors, 2 front fenders. February this truck went from Toronto to Florida and back with out an incident. 3000 miles.. 1992 GMC Reg cab, 305 CI auto dropped.. Nice truck..( speedo stuck at 50,000 miles for 3 years) reg cab to small for family.. 1993 S-10 Jimmy 4X4. 4.3 Auto, loaded. Wifes "lil" truck. Only (60,000 miles). She won't let me get rid of it! 1995 GMC K-2500 4X4, 6.5 TDI. 3" lift, 305/75/16 Geolander II, ( 120,000 miles) By far the nicest truck I ever owned or drove at this point. This truck only broke down on pay days and income tax returns. GM engineers must have been smokin the left handed smokes when they designed the 6.5 Turbo diesel. 2001 Silverado 1500 2WD. ECSB, LS. 5.3, (35,000 Miles) Auto, I love every thing about this truck except for the piston slap when it's cold. As you can see, I have only swayed a few times away from GM products, 3 times when it comes to trucks. All my cars have been GM except for a 1969 Dart Swinger 340 Ci that I bought at the age of 16. My kid brother has owned the swinger fo the last 10 years, I had it since 1977. I have to admit after owning the 6.5 TDI, I was looking at Dodge trucks before I bought the 2001 Silverado.
  2. Cranky1

    04 silverado

    Just trying the summer wheels on.
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