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  1. $45 to have someone change the cabin filter is a deal. That's one simple job GM engineered to be a total PIA. Followed closely to the air filter. And the battery. Just saying.
  2. Got a 2014, at 5k put 4600's and BFG K02's on all corners. The difference when towing was noticeable for the better. It was a good investment in comfort and maybe safety. Definitely comfort.
  3. Are there any parts that need to be covered/protected first?
  4. It turns out that the company that installed them messed up on the front driver side. They failed to install the upper and lower insulators causing about $500 worth of damage. I called 4 Wheel Parts to give them the opportunity to make it right. They want me to bring the thing in and have them "look at it". With that said, I'm not sure I want them touching the truck again. Not to mention the huge inconvenience.
  5. About 600 miles ago I had Bilstein 4600's installed on all corners, as well as BFG K02's (275/55/20). When going over a speed bump the front driver side makes a loud thumping that can be heard and felt. Is it possible that the shocks were installed wrong or is the heavier tire making the suspension work harder?
  6. They also sell travel trailers and other toys. We got our TT through Costco.
  7. 2014 crew cab LT 4x4. It is absolutely stiffer. When going over a speed bump at like 10mph I no longer hit my head on the ceiling. Washboard dirt roads are not as painful as they used to be. This combo might not be for everyone, but I really dig it.
  8. Just got Bilstein 4600's and BFG KO2's (275/55R20) on all four corners. The Silverado rides and handles better than it did off the showroom floor and it only has 15,000 miles on it. Seriously, worth every penny. If it wasn't for y'all on this site I never would have gone in this direction. Thanks.
  9. It does not show much, but here you go.Scan0001.pdf Scan0001.pdf Scan0001.pdf Scan0001.pdf
  10. Has anyone buy the Kirkland edition yet?
  11. +1 Have you noticed any difference since running with it?
  12. X2 on the 303 for everything else. I's not greasy and lasts about 3 months or so.
  13. This http://www.zainostore.com/product/Z-10.html is the stuff I use. So far so good and it makes the rig smell new for several weeks.
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