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  1. That's probably why....I have the gmc floor liners. I didnt think that would add that much height to the floor. Thanks
  2. I picked one up and I cant figure out how you fit this under that back seat. Mine does not fit at all. Do you have a picture of yours under the seat?
  3. I also interested to know more about your setup. Thanks!
  4. So what is the biggest tire with 2.5 level and absolutely no rubbing with A/T factory rims?
  5. Thanks! I wasn't sure if the angled one was designed to clear the wheel wells. I read somewhere that the distance from the wheels wells to the tailgate was the same on all beds. Is there any advantage between either one?
  6. This is my first post. I recently bought a 2015 All Terrain crew cab short box. Will the larger Amp bed extender work in my short bed? Not the angled one, the full one. Thanks!
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