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  1. Hey wait a minute. At 72 I might resemble that remark, but don't thanks to Chevy trucks with 6.2L engines and Jeeps.
  2. Agree on both counts. Wish I could get a new Chevy truck with 6.2L engine and the MagnetorWhatChaMaCallit suspension in a 1500 LTZ Z71. I just don't need a 2500HD.
  3. Good incentive to not buy new every year. I might just hold on to this very fine truck in my garage.
  4. Of course you, sir, have a skill few do. I can actually back a 16' trailer pretty well but not sure what I'd do with a 40 footer other than hit something.
  5. I suspect the idea is not patented so maybe Chevy can figure out how to do this without using Ford's method? Anyway, my point is that it's something useful rather than just another sunroof. And while I'm at it I notice that more Chevy trucks have the 6.2 engine which is good....the market is speaking. What they also need is magnetorheological dampers like my last GMC had. Can't be a patent issue can it?
  6. Why not the trailer backing capability now in Ford trucks. This might actually be useful.
  7. Well Chevy woke up! I had to get a 2017 GMC Denali with 6.2 and magnetic suspension because Chevy didn't have it when I tried the Tahoe/YukonNonTruck class of vehicle which I found out is not for me. Now I have a 2018 Z71/LTZ with the 6.2 but still no magnetic suspension. This must be some kind of GM marketing tool and is dumber than dumb imho of course.
  8. No adaptive cruise, no magnetorheliological suspension, and a face that looks like a Star Wars Storm Trooper in white. I had the first two in a GMC Denali and grew to like those features. No reason Chevy can't do the same. I'll bet it's some kind of corporate decision. I'd like to hear Bob Lutz expound on this. Other than that, the 10-speed and less weight would be nice but not enough to tempt me away from my current ride.
  9. My 2018 GMC Denali had Magnetic Ride Control adaptive damping suspension. Why don't these Chevy trucks have this?
  10. Now at 848 miles on my '18 8 speed it's smooth as butter. Hope it's OK at 1000 miles.
  11. I did quite well starting with Suppliers pricing for vets, GM Card $3000 plus GM $1000 plus customer $1000 from dealer on a 2018 LTZ Z71. 15.7% from MSRP. GM financing was nothing to brag about but I'll refinance if I can. K
  12. Very interesting discussion. I didn't know my truck had ANC until a friend riding with me remarked several times how quiet the truck is. Then I looked at the spec sheet which says it has ANC and now I know it's for engine noise between 550 and 3000 rpm.
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