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  1. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    Now at 848 miles on my '18 8 speed it's smooth as butter. Hope it's OK at 1000 miles.
  2. I did quite well starting with Suppliers pricing for vets, GM Card $3000 plus GM $1000 plus customer $1000 from dealer on a 2018 LTZ Z71. 15.7% from MSRP. GM financing was nothing to brag about but I'll refinance if I can. K
  3. 6.2L Active Noise Cancellation

    Very interesting discussion. I didn't know my truck had ANC until a friend riding with me remarked several times how quiet the truck is. Then I looked at the spec sheet which says it has ANC and now I know it's for engine noise between 550 and 3000 rpm.
  4. My Grand Cherokee could be disabled by unplugging the wire that said the hood was not latched. After several iterations the bell would stop but the light would stay on. At least that's what someone said on the Jeep forum. I just turned it off every start. Just got into the habit like buckling the seat belt. No big deal. I did hear that Jeep was going to take that option away. Can't confirm. That would be a deal breaker for me. Stop Start is annoying at best. Kinda like having a 6th grade soccer team in the back seat. 😆
  5. The engines and suspensions will be interesting. The lack of power of the 5.3 makes me spend an extra $2k to get the 6.2. I test drove a new Tahoe twice trying to like the 5.3 again and bought the GMC because they had 6.2 and magnetic ride control.
  6. This is an LT, not an LTZ or High Country. I would guess the Trail Boss shown is not really a "top trim line" as stated. You all know how they do this. The tempting first looks are never all we will get. And since I won't be one to take a $50K + truck into serious dirt, I'll be looking for something a bit more tame. My list of GOTTA HAVES is short, 6.2liter engine, Magnetic Ride Control suspension, which is why I didn't get a Tahoe, and bought a Yukon. All the else is fine tuning as I sit with dealer at the order table.
  7. Looks to me like a 2500+ sized truck. Just too big for us mortals who can't climb up as well anymore. That said, I like it better than the Silverado. Less Fordie.
  8. Follow on post as I learn this truck; set the follow distance to the shortest. As long as you pay attention it does just fine in mentioned 4 lane curvy roads. And then I let it handle speed right on down to a stop. It cut out at 6 mph, but braking and keeping distance until then. Just an FY'allsY. (That's the way we say it in the south.)
  9. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    Reading through this thread it seems to be a total crap shoot whether the truck tranny misbehaves or not. My 2016 Chevy with 6.2/8 got better over miles but never right. Only way to make it good was run in tow haul mode which just holds the shifts. Now my 2017 6.2/8 is perfect. No tranny shifting issues at all in noodle or sport mode. It's a mystery.
  10. I love the MRC on my truck. Previous trucks I've owned have all been under-damped. I hate it when going over a bump and the rear bounces through a couple of oscillations. The MRC makes the truck ride tight. I haven't driven the PR suspension.
  11. Reference the Magnetic Ride Control, I love it. Previous trucks always seemed too under-sprung but the MRC gives the truck control. Makes it ride like a 3 ton sports car which I really like. Some may like riding on a marshmallow but I don't.
  12. The width of the follow beam seems to be too wide. Here in the mountains most any winding of the road makes it brake. On straight running it's fine, but doesn't seem to do well when the road isn't mostly straight. I would like to turn it off for some roads and leave it on for others....or be able to narrow the follow beam.
  13. Who likes their 8 Speed?

    Just traded into a 2017 Denali 6.2l 8 speed and it's perfect. Smooth shifting all the time. Much better than my 2016 Chevy.
  14. As a data point for dealer service cost as my free services are gone, I recently had an oil/filter change, tire rotation. 2016 6.2L, 16,086 miles. $53.00 complete which I consider quite reasonable.

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