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  1. 2014 Summit White Sierra Denali Crew Cab Short Bed Procharged 5.3 6l80 2WD with 3.42's currently at 42,442 miles. I am the second owner of the truck, I bought it as a "Certified" GM with 7070 miles completely stock and it has been my pride and joy. Warranty is still valid for about another year or 48,000 miles, bumper-to-bumper. This is the exact set-up I was looking for when I purchased the truck to keep the power level under what the transmission could hold and still be very reliable. This truck has not gone without for anything, only have used quality parts for everything installed, washed/serviced regularly, all records have been saved and organized in a binder since I have owned it. I am currently active military in the aviation industry and a certified A&P mechanic. All work has been done by me, with no cut corners, basically everything that has been done to this truck I would consider "Airworthy". All wiring has been methodically thought out and hidden for stock appearance. I do not believe on bringing the truck to the dealership for ANY maintenance. I do not trust them to change the oil. I hate to sell it as I have it exactly where I want it, but I inherited my grandfathers Duramax and have no need for 2 trucks. I would not sell it for only that reason, but I am also looking to upgrade to a corvette. So here it is Engine/Drivetrain -D1SC Procharger Black finish w/ straight cut gears, running 8lbs of boost, front mount intercooler with at big red enclosed bypass valve vented to atmosphere. -LT1 6.2L Ported Intake Manifold and Throttle Body -LT4 (Z06) injectors. -American Racing headers 1 3/4x 3in, Y-pipe with cats. -Corsa Performance 14873 cat back exhaust with another resonator welded in to clean up the rasp a bit. (Sounds incredible) -RX Performance Dual Valve Catch Can in red. -2 Piece Driveshaft with crossmember (upgraded to avoid any potential problems with the stock driveshaft with the power increase) -AEM Failsafe Boost/Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge with 02 sensor in Y-pipe. -Dyno tuned by James Carger in Fort Worth TX. With this combination the truck made 470rwhp and 480rwtq, this is a very conservative tune with torque management still active. The procharger was installed at 29,313 miles on 02MAY2016, and I'm pleased to say I haven't had any problems with it. Great product, still retains good street manners, but is a BEAST when you get into it. I have brought it to the track one time and ran a total of 3, ¼ mile runs with a best of 13.6 on street tires with the current tune. Exterior -Colormatched Grille, Mirror caps and Tail Gate Handle. -Self-Healing Lumar paint protection film over the front end. -Belltech 6401 2 inch rear drop shackle with shock extenders. -Morimoto 5000k 35W HIDs. -V-LED LED fog lights. -21 inch LED Light Bar above front license plate. -18% UV window tint. -Line-X bedliner below the rails. -Below the rails RKI toolbox Line-X'ed inside and out. -LED reverse, license plate and cargo lights. -LED bed Lights. -Nathan AirChime K3LA Train Horn with Air Zenith OB2 Air Compressor and an AVS aluminium 5 gallon air tank with accessory port for onboard air, mounted in the spare tire location. -BlueSea fused power distribution block under the hood for quick accessory power hook up. -Frame Hole Covers. Interior -Full Weathertech floor liners front and rear. -OEM under seat rear storage with quick release wing nuts for quick removal. -Wireless charger installed in the center console. -Billet buttons for LED light bar and onboard air compressor. -Auto meter pillar for single Air fuel gauge. -Hard wired dash cam behind the rearview mirror. CONS - The driver front wheel has some curb rash, but I ordered an OEM wheel I have not had a chance to swap out. - The windshield has a small crack. - I am working on getting both of these fixed before the sale of the truck but just wanted to note it. EXTRAS NOT INSTALLED -Snow Performance Methanol Progressive Injection Kit with 4 gallons of methanol. -Racestar 17 inch rear wheels with 28x10 in Hoosier Drag Slicks. -3.85 inch Procharger pulley good for 10lbs. Can work into the deal, if asking price is met. This truck has been rock solid, everything has been done as professionally as possible. This is my vision of how this truck should have came from the factory. I baby this truck and only occasionally get into it to pull on an unsuspecting Mustang or Camaro. The paint is 9 of 10 (only because of a few very small rock chips, I would have to point them out. I have ONLY hand washed the truck since my ownership, exclusively use chemical guys wash products and Lexol leather products in the interior. I have over $60,000 invested into this truck, don't expect to get that, but I will not give it away, do not low ball me. This truck is built for a specific group of people that understand what it takes to get a vehicle to this point and appreciate the workmanship that was done. If you don't see the value its not for you. Please feel free to ask me anything and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. $48,000 **Price Drop** $46,500
  2. Does anyone know the torques for the 10 intake manifoldmain bolts.
  3. Finishing up my K3s today!!! Finishing up my K3s today!!! Finishing up my K3s today!!! Finishing up my K3s today!!!
  4. LTZ07


    I have the OEM under seat storage bin, I wonder if this would fit in it somehow????
  5. I had a local installer, do my new truck right when I bought it. I wanted the 3M but they told me its not the best. By the look of their shop I wasnt gonna argue. They used self healing llumar film, it was 7mils vs 3Ms 5mils. They had a cutter that they put in the make/model and year of the truck, and it cut perfect forms in the film. 15K miles no rock chips. Got the whole front end done with a 5 year warranty, thats what im talkin about! It was way worth it after my black silverado, I had the same problem, literally over 100 rock chips on the front end. NEVER AGAIN!!
  6. Nice, I ordered the i2 right when Lew posted it for sale!. Should be at my house today!! To bad ill be out of town for a few days..
  7. Dont worry about it man, just keep your reciept. If it fades bring it back.
  8. Nice man, allways feels good to make something yourself. I have the stock plastic under seat storage, and I modified the mounting arms. The seat bolt it mounts on had enough threads to put a wing nut on, so I shortened the arms so they sit on top of the nut that holds the seat down. Now the mounting arms sit on top of the nut and the storage unit mounts by wing nuts, easy in and out!!
  9. Its pretty thick, I dont have an exact measurement, I'de say close to a 1/4 inch. No complaints here. I like it so much, I got my RKI toolbox sprayed inside and out with the premium Line-X aswell. I originally got the box sprayed in my last truck. Removed the toolbox when I sold the truck. Bought my new one and got the bed Line-Xed and put the tool box in. I was worried that the box would have faded a little, but when I installed it they both matched, about 3 year difference.. I was impressed.
  10. Well I know the Line-X of Fort Worth gives a military discount, I dont know about where your at. Its up to the owners I think. Doesn't hurt to ask though. Good Luck.
  11. I have been looking for other 14+ 5.3 truck track times. If you have any times for your 5.3 post up, with configuration, current mods and E/Ts. I curently have a 14 CC Denali 2wd 3.42s MIT, K&N drop in, ARH 1-3/4 catted headers, corsa catback, and of course a 5.3. No track time for me yet. Looking for what it takes to put a 5.3 in the 13s..
  12. I got the Line-X Premium. I looked at the Platinum, but couldnt justify the additional cost. The premium has the UV protection and is plenty strong for my needs. I think I paid $550 for my 5ft8in bed under the rails with a military discount. Not to bad for the best bed protection out there IMO.
  13. Transaction comlpete!! Moderators close thread at your discretion.
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