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  1. Yes this grey/black is the dome circuit. It will operate as the interior lights do, by remote control or manual switch. They will also fade out when locked via remote
  2. Since it's 2wd, u can look into a 2" level, and 2" lift spindles. Total of 4" lift and much cheaper than going with all new UCAS. Just another idea
  3. And yes the ck156 is offered in gloss black in a replica version. Check out oewheelsllc.com
  4. The "snowflakes" is actually a Chevrolet ck156 set wheel. The GMC version is different (but similar) and only offered in 20" where these Chevy's are 22".Tire size on each truck is 305 45 22 (33x12) and the brand on the snowflakes is hankook dynapro ATMs all terrains and the ones on my new setup on the silverado is nitto terra grapplers g2. I love the snowflakes too, but they are just too played out for me on these gen 5 trucks but not hardly ever seen on this body tahoe so that's why I switched it up
  5. Not sure how thick urs were but mine are only 1/32" which is less than 1 mm
  6. New setup. Put my old setup: 22" honeycombs and 33" hankook dynapro ATMs on the new tahoe 22x9" oem ck159 ses 305-45 22 nitto g2 terra grapplers (33x12)
  7. Oh and btw, I ended up going with a piano black pillar cover now instead if the plastidip. The dip was good to give me an idea if I liked it or not, and these covers are wayyyy glossier. The vinyl I considered was more expensive to have done and not as glossy.
  8. Yea well we got such a good deal on it, it was time to send the Acura TL packing lol. Paid 32$k for it and it books @$44k. Absolutely loaded with ac seats, Tv entertainment package, full nav, sunroof, blind spot warning, etc. Only thing it lacks is 4wd, which we don't need. And condition wise, it's mint. The paint looks like glass and even had someone ask me "it looks fantastic, who painted it" lol
  9. Thanks buddy, I get mixed reviews from some that think they do both look good, but that I should've put the honeycombs on both. I just wanted to change it up and plus the honeycombs are somewhat played out imo on gen 5s, and these ck159s are super rare. The ck158 looks similar and more popular, but those are a split 6 spoke vs my split 7
  10. Well if u do decide to buy these they run like $699 each from dealership. I found em from chevy parts direct for just under 2k$
  11. I looked into the "clear" reflectors, but they looked too frosty for me. Is it legal? No. Does it look good? I think so. Have I ever had an issue? No. All that said, hids inn halogen housings are illegal, and so are lifts over certain heights. I'll take my chances, but by all means, if this is a concern, then buy the frosty lenses. They still look better than amber imo
  12. So a couple weeks ago, I added a 2013 Tahoe LTZ to the driveway. Immaculate truck that's fully loaded that I got for a song. Well I got bored and decided to see what it would look like with my 22" OE CK156s and 33" hankook ATs off my 2015 silverado would look like so I swapped em out. Well I expected rubbing since the tahoe is stock height, but surprisingly none and it just looked too good to take em off. Well that gave me an excuse to buy the super rare OEM 22" CK159s and wrapped em in 33" nitto terra grapplers. I think the results are great! Check out pics and lemme know what u think! The last pic is my original ck156s on my silvy before the swapping
  13. U have to figure out how much larger in diameter your upgraded tire size is in percentage. Take that percentage and add it to what your trip computer is telling u
  14. Don't think so. It was pretty close in my 2" level. Fwiw, I no longer have this setup. Now running 22"x9.5 oe wheels ck156s on hankook dynapro 305 45 22 (33x12). And like theese tires better than my old nittos (see profile pic)
  15. Good eye... yea I transferred it over when I swapped out the grill to a high country. I cut the back flat and double sided taped it on
  16. I'd go $30 shipped for the chrome fog surrounds Do u happen to have the chrome lower front bumper insert for sale?
  17. Yea just barely at full lock in reverse coming down my driveway. I decided to just ket the tire wear the liner where it needs to since its just carpet on rubber.
  18. I didnt have any issues but i made sure to seal the hell out of them and then i rebaked em shut fir a few mins. I used lexell sealant. Its used on skylights. Btw, ive seen a ton of oem headlights that fig up on these trucks already lol
  19. Im going to run amber LEDs. Some states do require an orange reflector but im good here, and even the states that do require it, most dont pull people over for it
  20. Did it last nite. PITA. The oem sealant is rediculous to work with. Baked mine at 200° for 12-14 mins
  21. They fit really well too. I dare say tighter lines than my oem
  22. Is that what happened? I knew they dried up right after i got mine. I just finished doing the amber delete mod on them
  23. So I decided to mess around a bit in the last few days. I did the Amber reflector delete. This was a pita! Removed housings from truck, removed chrome trim piece from the front, baked them for about 12-14 mins @ 200° and pulled them apart and then still had to seperate the black interior portion from the clear just to access the reflectors for removal. Not as scary as i thought as there really was no danger of melting as i was able to handle them right out of the oven. The worst part was the oem sealant is a bi+ch to work with. Resealled using lexell. Also i did the pillar delete. I masked it off and plastipped it to see if i liked ut before i have them vinyl wrapped. Check out the pics and lemme know what u think!
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