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  1. My 2015 LTZ and now 2018 LTZ- ziploc bags at best.
  2. I don't think I got a bag...its all just piled in the glove box. Never forget my parents got a 4 door Tahoe when they first came out (96,97?) and they came with a sweet essentials kind of bag with a Tahoe branded maglite- which I still have!
  3. Depending on what is wrong here this likely was a “when” not “if” situation and really coincidental timing. Given that, yes a little bit longer of a test drive may have prevented a lemon but it’s just going to get fixed before it’s sold anyways. Interested hear about the resolution on this one.
  4. Any Idea what this is?

    I can’t unsee it now!!
  5. No caps on mine either. I also thought something was missing when I bought them.
  6. I hate to admit that I don’t go under my trucks often (just to install nerf bars) so I cannot say for certain- but the driveshaft on my 2018 looks a lot bigger than my 2014 or 2015 driveshafts ever did. Almost looks like they are trying to compensate for something in the 2018. Full disclosure: I haven’t experienced the Chevy shake in any of the 3 I have owned of this generation.
  7. I picked her out

    Not sure if this had GM incentive money tied to this deal or not but similar applies in any dealership purchasing situation. GM is more interested in selling financing than just vehicles. The finance office is also where the real money is made by the dealer. It's a win win scenario for the mfg. and dealer- GM offers more money off when you finance through GM Financial and the dealership gets to pressure sell you in the finance office all while likely adding % to your approved rate that the dealer gets to keep. Sure they tell you to go and re-fi (after 90 days or whatever) but that isn't convenient and they bet on you not getting around to it. Walking away is the right move here, the whole purchasing model is broken.
  8. CarPlay won’t work

    Mine is spotty for iPhone, I unplug and turn the lightning plug 180 and plug back in- it usually works which makes no sense as the lightning cable doesn't care about orientation. I am now going to try a newer cable...
  9. 2018 Centennial Edition

    Great pics! so clean! I have had mine since June and love it. Funny someone at my work asked me what a 100 version Chevy was when he saw mine...he said "I thought they made 1500, 2500, 3500...what is a 100?" Sigh...
  10. Deals on 2018's?

    Wait for incentives, June was a REALLY good month for incentives and I would expect to see more coming back as the 2019's inch closer to lots.
  11. I test drove my 2018 and it was a formality to make sure its smooth and to feel the 6.2. As cool as it would be to say I bought a car without a test drive, that just isn't going to happen. Funny enough the A/C was not blowing cold and that had to be fixed prior to me buying it- made the test drive rather miserable.
  12. Features I never touch

    What about that 12V socket for the back seat? Seriously there are how many USB ports and a real outlet 24 inches away! I also never use those plentiful air vents for the back seat, no use for those
  13. If the deal is right, go with a 2018 and just give it a nice test drive- get it up to speed to make sure its smooth. For what its worth, I have only read about the shake issue on this forum- I have family/friends/neighbors and they haven't had any shaking. Sure the 2019 will be roomier and have more features (including rear air vents !!!!) but I think the numbers on the 5.3 and 6.2 are very similar in power- that might help the resale of this generation...just my 2 cents.
  14. Last good z71

    I had an 06 Sierra extended cab short box (5’ 10”) with SLE2 package and Z71 that I bought brand new at the time- drove for 6 years. It also had rear drum brakes.. I loved it because it was unique and had a great option set. That would have made a great lifted mud truck with the short wheel base. Now I gotta look for a picture...
  15. My truck is cursed?

    The first dings always hurt, but it gets easier as time goes on...with that being said I can't forget 2014- the first 2 months of my new Sierra... -Parked in back of parking lot ALL ALONE, someone parked next to me and smoked the passenger door leaving a nice big dent. -One night in the garage a metal rake falls off the wall and a 1/8" wide x 6" long scratch down the door (you could hang off this rake on the hook- no idea to this day how that happened) -One week later...I get rear ended in the car wash, guy behind me didn't put his Escalade in neutral. It bothers me just thinking about it, I take pride in keeping my cars clean- a new rear bumper, paint less dent removal and a really good touch up job and I was the only one who ever knew.

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