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  1. My account has finally been fixed. It took over a month and a phone call every other day where I was told something different each time. I had to manually pay 1 months payment through the phone with a $7.50 charge. They are sending me a 'goodwill check' to cover that. Since I have not seen that in a week my phone calls have started back up again.
  2. So far just an apology for the inconvenience and re-assurance that they are working on this. The rep. I talked to seemed stumped though. I have to imagine this has happened before. GM Financial is a revolving door of people paying off and re-financing to a better rate so it's a matter of time before two similar VIN's get mashed together, I hate to make an excuse for them. What is inexcusable is how does an over payment of ~30K not trigger an actual human being to confirm the transaction?
  3. Any correspondence I am keeping. What is interesting is they are hoping to have this addressed in the next 7-10 business days but in the meantime I cannot view my balance, history or even make a payment- its all 'closed' This 7-10 business days to correct overlaps with my next payment due date, this is actually starting to stress me out. The thought of missing a payment due date, just the thought, keeps me up at night.
  4. Thank you As for the Facebook guy...Step 1: Stick it to the man, Step 2: Brag about it on Facebook. Yikes.
  5. Thank you- I appreciate the response. I don't know if I could handle this situation any other way, be it 5 dollars or thousands.
  6. I would be pissed! Good point. Good point.
  7. My buddy already joked with me that "I will regret speaking up with every truck payment". Never crossed my mind to think I could keep the money, heck or that check even clearing, my friends think otherwise though. The whole credit and payoff mess is what annoys me, mistakes happen though.
  8. So I get a letter from GM Financial that says "congratulations! as of X date your account has been paid off" and "GM Financial has released its security interest in the vehicle". I don't need to get into specifics but I am still paying on that loan, know my balance and I didn't pay it off. -So I login to GM Financial and balance is zero and last payment was very large- like someone refinanced and the new bank fat fingered the VIN or account number on that check. -So I call and was initially greeted with another congrats and was told the over-payment was coming back to me in the mail. I had to interrupt and state that this wasn't the case. After a few long holds and a few "huh, you mean you didn't pay this?" Turns out my suspicion was correct and they applied a refi payment to my account on accident and I am just too honest of a person. They said this will all be corrected in 7-10 business days and I can resume autopay and all of that fun stuff. I am curious- is there a point of no return on a lien release? The letter and rep. implied that both the release and over-payment refund were in the mail, so will this get messy when I do actually in fact pay off my loan? I assume they need to redact this release? I'm more worried about a sticky situation for title and release. I fully plan to pay this off and have a clean title in my hand. Last question- they would have caught this even without my phone call, right? Just to make me feel better about calling and correcting that ~30k over-payment.
  9. My 2015 LTZ and now 2018 LTZ- ziploc bags at best.
  10. I don't think I got a bag...its all just piled in the glove box. Never forget my parents got a 4 door Tahoe when they first came out (96,97?) and they came with a sweet essentials kind of bag with a Tahoe branded maglite- which I still have!
  11. Depending on what is wrong here this likely was a “when” not “if” situation and really coincidental timing. Given that, yes a little bit longer of a test drive may have prevented a lemon but it’s just going to get fixed before it’s sold anyways. Interested hear about the resolution on this one.
  12. Any Idea what this is?

    I can’t unsee it now!!
  13. No caps on mine either. I also thought something was missing when I bought them.
  14. I hate to admit that I don’t go under my trucks often (just to install nerf bars) so I cannot say for certain- but the driveshaft on my 2018 looks a lot bigger than my 2014 or 2015 driveshafts ever did. Almost looks like they are trying to compensate for something in the 2018. Full disclosure: I haven’t experienced the Chevy shake in any of the 3 I have owned of this generation.

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