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  1. Also possible that it had some miles on that tank before you took delivery and wasn't completely full.
  2. My cooling fan(s) occasionally stay running after the truck is turned off. I've noticed this twice now and only happens when shutting the truck off after some spirited driving. Both times the temp gauge has been above 210 (slightly) at the time of shutdown. I waited about 5 min and the fans were still on so restarted, let run for approx 1 min and shut down. The fans turned off at that point. Is this a feature to cool the engine after it is shut down, or do I have a relay or programming issue somewhere?
  3. At least yours is a 2014. I have paint chipping on the edge of my hood (windshield side so not rock chips) on my 2017. It looks like the aluminum is starting to oxidize already. Pretty crazy for a truck that isn't even 3 years old. I have 41k miles on it so I received the same response. I've been a loyal GM customer, but after this and the rust issues on my previous Yukon XL the Ford Raptor is looking pretty nice!
  4. It's the short trips in town that you have to worry about the most. This happened picking up the kids from daycare, 0.4 miles from home! I ended up trying a Thinkware F200 per the recommendation of a coworker. So far it is working really well. Probably going to pick up a second one soon and maybe add the rear camera to it.
  5. Is there anything diesel specific about this or will it work in a gas truck? Assuming it says low sulfur diesel fuel only on the fuel gauge?
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions! I am going to take a look at the different Rexing options and probably get something ordered today. I can't think of a good reason to not have one in each vehicle for the small upfront cost. Update on the claim process; turns out the other driver did have insurance but has made a recorded statement that I was at fault and hit them. Sounds like this could be a long battle, but the police report says that they ran the stop sign and I have a witness. We'll see how far they are willing to take it. I expect a preliminary damage estimate on our car tomorrow. At this point I don't think it will be a total loss.
  7. I definitely have UM coverage, but factoring in the impending hit to my premium plus my deductible it still stings when it’s someone else’s fault. I’m thinking about ordering this one to try: https://www.blackvue.com/product/dr590-1ch/ If it goes well I will put them in all of our vehicles.
  8. I’ve been debating a dash cam for a couple years and now regret not having one. Swapped cars with the wife yesterday and it turned out to be a bad deal for her. Probably not totaled but an uninsured driver ran a stop sign and clipped the front of me. Icing on the cake is that she didn’t even get ticketed because there was “no proof.” So, what is the best dash cam that is reliable and around the $100 or less price point. I’m going to need three of them so cost is a slight factor, but want decent quality too. I know blackvue is a decent brand but all of the others seem like randome Chinese brands. Is there a specific manufacture to look for? Picture of my wife’s freshly wrecked Honda for attention:
  9. Had this on a 2015, it was something to do with the injectors leaking. Sounded like it could have ended in an insurance claim (fire) if not addressed in a timely manner.
  10. On the center info screen, set it to instant fuel economy and it will be in the bottom right corner. Will change between V8 and V4 (if AFM is enabled).
  11. There are plenty of 6.2 muffler delete videos on youtube. Magnaflow 12909 is an easy swap, but far from loud. I would guess that most people assume it is stock exhaust. I am considering removing the resonator for a little more volume.
  12. I have had 10 ply in the past. Unless you are using all of the load capacity of your truck on a regular basis I would go with the p metrics. The ride will be much better.
  13. Not possible without some serious modifications to the door and it would probably still look like a hack job. I haven't seen the inside of the doors on the 2019+ trucks but I would assume that the mounting area is somehow reinforced to support the weight of the mirror.
  14. Probably not what you are looking for; but that sounds like really good oil pressure to me. Honestly anything above 15psi idle I wouldn't worry about at that age.
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