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  1. I have my stock setup in the garage rafters. Not sure why, as there is no way it's ever going back on the truck. I need to remember to leave it our for the scrappers.
  2. 2019 Silverado $1k White or Shiny Mud?

    At lease the Iridescent White isn't nearly as yellow looking as the old White Diamond.
  3. Window tint

    There is a small amount from the factory on nearly all cars. Usually around 70%. This is what mine looks like with 27% on the front sides, 50% on the windshield, stock rear sides, and 27 over the rear slider (this makes the rears look darker from this angle).
  4. Window tint

    Looks like Indiana allows for 30% tint on the sides legally. Personally i would go 20% on the front sides to match the rear. I also have 50% on my windshield and it is awesome during the day and not too dark at night. I added an additional layer of 20% over the rear window to darken things up and would considering doing the same to the rear sides. MN is more strict than IN, but I just consider it a "tint tax" when they fine you.
  5. New Truck owner from MN

    Welcome! Always good to have another one in MN. Does your truck have the 8 speed?
  6. There are a lot of people who would tell you to launch in 4hi and switch to 2hi after the 1-2 shift. I haven't done any launches with my truck, but that seems like it would be a pretty safe way of doing it. I can imagine that the Auto 4 would put a pretty high amount of stress on the t-case.
  7. Just added my UPR Catch can /CSS

    What intake is that? I have the same catch can and css. Curious how you have it plumbed into the intake. Assuming two ports on the tube?
  8. 2500 VS 3500

    Depending on what state you are in there could be significant registration tax savings with the 3500. In MN anything over 10,000lbs is taxed on weight not value so the annual registration is a lot less. I had a 3500 and didn't notice any worse ride quality than a friends 2500. The overload springs were helpful with a heavy load in the bed.
  9. back seat

    Just grab the top of the seat back and pull font and back on it. If it clanks that's your problem.
  10. Leaving team GM with heavy heart

    If the exhaust system on it is anything like the Grand Cherokee SRT it will sound really good with a muffler delete!
  11. Touchscreen Display Upgrade

    You can find the factory navigation/radio's for around $500. Another option would be the Alpine Restyle kit but they are significantly more expensive. It really depends on what features you are looking to gain.
  12. Nice looking truck! I literally had to do a double take on Monday because I saw one that had LD on the tailgate. First time I had seen that and didn't know what it was until this thread.
  13. Front air dam removal?

    Mine has been off for a couple years. Didn't notice any loss of MPG due to removing it.
  14. back seat

    If it wasn't modified than you will have to loosen the bolts and lift the seat up to get it back on. Make sure you still have the plastic shims on the metal hooks. They rattle like crazy if those are missing.
  15. How long have you had your KO2's on? I have almost the same setup as you with KO2's, level, and the 6.2. I don't notice anything at those speeds on good roads, but it can get a little rowdy on questionable surfaces at 3/4 to wot.

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