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  1. I have had 10 ply in the past. Unless you are using all of the load capacity of your truck on a regular basis I would go with the p metrics. The ride will be much better.
  2. Not possible without some serious modifications to the door and it would probably still look like a hack job. I haven't seen the inside of the doors on the 2019+ trucks but I would assume that the mounting area is somehow reinforced to support the weight of the mirror.
  3. Probably not what you are looking for; but that sounds like really good oil pressure to me. Honestly anything above 15psi idle I wouldn't worry about at that age.
  4. There is a TSB for the steering boot that makes it sound like a exhaust manifold leak. The repair is to remove the boot and grease it before reinstalling. I have this issue intermittently, and might try this at some point. I will try to find the link to the discussion/tsb and post it here.
  5. I'll second this. Just put a full set on this week. The rears are a 15 minute job and all you need is a 21mm wrench.
  6. I don't think it was too hard to fix. I had good pressure, just would drain back into the tank when sitting and have to crank forever to get fuel to the block. Good luck!
  7. I think $28K is a good starting point. Honestly though if there is nothing wrong with the shocks that are on it I would save your money. Most buyers don't care about shock brands and it would just be throwing money in the wind. If you have stock exhaust it might be worth considering selling the Corsa separate. Exhaust mods limit the pool of perspective buyers.
  8. If you turn it off and restart immediately will it start as normal? I had this issue with a 2001 Tahoe (slow start after sitting for an hour or so) and it was the fuel pressure check valve.
  9. I started trying to get educated on blocks (would be looking for the same size you used) and there are a lot of differing opinions on tapered vs non tapered. What did you go with and how do you like it?
  10. Initially it looked a little high in the front. Not sure how that is possible coming from a RoughCountry 2" level when Bilstein say theirs is a 1.85" I put a tape to it today and I an still about .5" higher in the rear, so I will ride with it for a few weeks before going the block route. I only tow a handful of times per year and even the wake boat doesn't sag the rear too much.
  11. Just installed 5100’s on all four corners. Initial impressions are that it was well worth the expense. I had 39,000 miles on the stock Rancho’s and couldn’t stand the bouncing on the freeway. I put the fronts on the 4th ring for the highest lift and removed my roughcountry 2” lower block. It almost looks higher now than it did before. I’ll give it a week or two but I may end up looking for a 2” block for the rear. Here’s a picture of it after the install.
  12. I originally used the RoughCountry 2” lower spacer to accomplish this. Just remember that you’ll need an alignment when done. If you look around on here you will find plenty of topics about this, and there and many different ways to accomplish what you want.
  13. camcamaro is correct. The SUV’s have the sensor under the rear plastic bumper. GM didn’t find a decent place to hide it on the pickups until 2019 (behind the now larger corner bumper step).
  14. My understanding is that you can. I have a 2" RC front only level and am going to remove it and replace with the 5100's at the full 1.85" setting. Should be close enough/slightly better as sometime my truck looks like it has the Cali lean.
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