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  1. Yes, I adjusted mine after leveling. They were quite high after a 2" level. I like oncoming traffic to be able to see where they are going. I still need to adjust my fogs.
  2. Tire recommendation for 2500HD Z71 4x4 Plow Truck

    The AT3 blew out on the interstate down in AZ. It wasn't super hot out that day. They had probably 4/32 left so i replaced all 4 tires. The second one was actually the RTX version. Not sure what the difference is, but that time it was winter in MN. Both were on the interstate. The most off-road use they had seen would be the occasional gravel road. The RTX was close to needing replacement as well. They both ran well until the blow outs. My go-to "budget" AT tire is now the Hankook Dynapro ATM. Many miles on those and never an issue. If you don't mind spending a little more the BFGoodrich KO2's are amazing, and what I run on my personal truck.
  3. Tire recommendation for 2500HD Z71 4x4 Plow Truck

    BFGoodrich All Terrain KO2's are severe weather rated and do really well year round. Can't recommend the Cooper AT3; it's the only tire that I've had blow out on me and it happened twice. Could have been coincidence, but I'll never run those again.
  4. It wasn’t even a question for me. Had the 6.2 in my previous Yukon and it was a non negotiable on this truck.

    I can’t recommend this enough. Make sure to drive it like this for a few days though. I put a Magnaflow 12909 on mine and find it too quiet still. I think a fuffler delete would be perfect for what I want but now I’ve spent the $ on a Magnaflow. It’s at least worth a try.
  6. GM Borla vs Muffler Delete

    I have the 22” Magnaflow 12909 on my 6.2 and find myself wanting more. Debating between resonator delete or muffler delete. This thread has me leaning towards removing the muffler.
  7. I swapped out the Mag shocks on my previous Denali with Bilstein 4600 and was very happy with the improvement in ride quality. I just spliced in resistors at all corners to eliminate any dash warning message. At the time I wasn't too crazy about cutting off the connector to splice in the resistor, but now I can't see a reason to ever want to convert back. The dealer doesn't even look at that when trading it in.
  8. Fiber Optic Led Third Brake Light

    Any pics of it installed? The one that Ryan sent makes it look a little different than the Ford one that was pictured earlier.
  9. Lets talk Dash Cams. Who has one?

    What model is this one?
  10. This^ The premium plus package adds everything you are bummed out about, including the 8 speed.
  11. I'm sure you know this, but the 6.2 uses 3.5" piping all the way until the resonator. After the resonator its 3" for the last 1-2' of pipe. Not sure why GM did this. I would hack up the 3.5" stock piping before changing it out to 3" but that's just me. is the Venom 250 a 3" or 3.5" muffler? I put a 3.5" magnaflow on mine but its a little on the quiet side. I'm considering removing my resonator but having trouble finding someone to bend 3.5" piping to replace it with.
  12. Factory tint legal?

    this^^ The laws are for aftermarket tint. Where I am the law is 50% (basically clear glass) and no one gets attention for stock tint.
  13. These trucks have on demand alternators, so the battery isn’t always being charged while driving. It is normal to see the voltage change as you are seeing. I believe there is more information in the manual about it. GM has been doing this for over 10 years.
  14. Is it safe to assume that they are only going to offer the 6.2 in the SWB version like Chevy did for 2018 full size SUV's? It would be nice to have the 6.2 option in the XL without having to get the Denali.
  15. FOB Start, timer shut off?

    One important thing to note about the second cycle is that it only starts the timer over - not adding time to the existing run. I always thought it was a 10 minute timer so I'll use that for the example: You remote start and the timer begins - four min later you repeat the cycle, your truck will run for 14 min total (not 20).

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