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  1. I remember that clunk. It was a good indicator that they were working on my old Denali. The amp steps aren't completely silent but don't make a noise when they stop like the previous Denali steps did. I had a rattle noise develop a few months ago. There is a standard procedure you follow to align the hinges. Only took a few minutes and haven't had a noise since.
  2. I've had them on my 17 for three years. Just make sure to give them a shot of silicone spray when they start to seem slow. Mine have seen plenty of dirt, salt and snow.
  3. I’m having the same debate with the leveling kit. Trying to decide between 4600’s and keep the 2” bottom spacer, or go 5100’s maxed out. If it’s a true 1.85” at the highest setting it might actually look good, as sometimes The truck looks higher in the front with the 2” Rough Country block. You’ll have to keep us updated on how it ends up.
  4. Can't say I blame you for feeling like that. I would have little confidence in my truck's reliability if I witnessed that hack job in progress.
  5. I did the resonator delete on my 2007 Yukon XL Denali. It was a fairly significant increase in exhaust sound.
  6. Front camera

    Something doesn’t sound right there. I had my windshield replaced (not under warranty) and was told that the system may need to be calibrated. Turned out that it didn’t need to be, but they said they system does not self calibrate. Not sure how true that is, but I would expect a dealer to give it back working, not “give it time.”
  7. 2016 Sierra All Terrain GAS MILEAGE !

    That honestly doesn't sounds too far off. Has anything been done to it - tires, lift/level, etc.? What does it smell like?
  8. That sounds unlikely. Did they try cutting and polishing? I would try finding someone else to look at it. I am yet to find a dealership body shop that is competent at buffing. The only way it could get worse is if they damage the clear coat. There is no way that the lettering would damage the base coat without effecting the clear. I’ve debadged two different 2017’s and both had some level of ghosting. I corrected it with a very light compound/polish. No wet sanding required.
  9. OEM coating on frame-2018

    Thanks! Just ordered a can. I have some sports that need touch up in the same places as the OP.
  10. I have my stock setup in the garage rafters. Not sure why, as there is no way it's ever going back on the truck. I need to remember to leave it our for the scrappers.
  11. 2019 Silverado $1k White or Shiny Mud?

    At lease the Iridescent White isn't nearly as yellow looking as the old White Diamond.
  12. Window tint

    There is a small amount from the factory on nearly all cars. Usually around 70%. This is what mine looks like with 27% on the front sides, 50% on the windshield, stock rear sides, and 27 over the rear slider (this makes the rears look darker from this angle).
  13. Window tint

    Looks like Indiana allows for 30% tint on the sides legally. Personally i would go 20% on the front sides to match the rear. I also have 50% on my windshield and it is awesome during the day and not too dark at night. I added an additional layer of 20% over the rear window to darken things up and would considering doing the same to the rear sides. MN is more strict than IN, but I just consider it a "tint tax" when they fine you.
  14. New Truck owner from MN

    Welcome! Always good to have another one in MN. Does your truck have the 8 speed?
  15. There are a lot of people who would tell you to launch in 4hi and switch to 2hi after the 1-2 shift. I haven't done any launches with my truck, but that seems like it would be a pretty safe way of doing it. I can imagine that the Auto 4 would put a pretty high amount of stress on the t-case.

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