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  1. Adding Fog Lights - Location/Setup Suggestions

    Those are all 2019 trucks in the header image. They share zero panels with our trucks.
  2. Broken door panel

    Couldn’t agree with this more. Look online for the part and see if you can find it for less. DIY for the install.
  3. Exhaust

    I used Tim's Custom Exhaust in Coon Rapids. It's not exactly in my back yard, but was worth the drive for the quality of work imo. http://timscustomexhaust.com/
  4. I pulled my Z71 stickers off the bed. Didn't need a package name plastered on the side of my truck. I figure the only people who know what Z71 means will know it's a Z71 anyway. Pretty sure I would be pulling the 6.2 badge off the hood on the new one too. I would rather leave people guessing if I paid extra or not.
  5. I think they probably knocked a couple mpg off. The level and the lower air dam didn't seem to make much difference, but the tires certainly did. It's pretty hard to get above 20mpg now.
  6. The "Catch Can" Explained

    I followed this video when doing the install. It is identical to the system I have. I think one connection is in a slightly different location if you have the 5.3.
  7. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Yes, I know UPR will size the hoses according to what CAI you have. Just make sure to let the know when you are ordering.
  8. The "Catch Can" Explained

    Just installed my dual valve with css UPR can tonight. The factory quick connections are amazing.
  9. Overheat for GMC Sierra 2018

    What's the outside temp when you are seeing this?
  10. Winter question

    Still confused how that same function wouldn't be beneficial/take the place of a winter grill on a diesel truck.
  11. Winter question

    Our trucks also have active aero that closes off the majority of the radiator when its cold. Not sure why diesel truck haven't adopted this yet since they operate better in the cold when the radiator is blocked off.
  12. Silverado or Suburban (2018)?

    I was in the same boat. Before this truck I had a previous generation Yukon XL Denali. The size was perfect, and I never had the third row in it so it was basically a fully enclosed pickup. When it came time to replace it the 6.2 was a must. To get that in a Suburban/ Yukon XL it meant buying another Denali (at the time I was looking). But what I really couldn’t wrap my head around was the non removable 3rd row. It creates a pretty significant increase in floor height. So in the end I got a crew cab pickup with basically all the options I had on the YXL and then some. I honestly think it rides better, is quieter on the road, and gets better mileage. There’s been a handful of times that I’ve missed the YXL but not as many as I thought. I also saved a ton of money by purchasing a truck, the price diffeeence is staggering.
  13. Engine hum/whine

    I would try talking with the sales manager at the dealership first. If that goes nowhere I would have an independent look over the trans. I used TSI in Richfield as they do a free drive test/diagnostic. They seemed pretty honest with me and just recommended a fluid change. It seemed to help on the Equinox (sealed unit with no dip stick). At 67k with an unknown history this might be a good idea anyway. https://www.transmissionshopinc.com/ Keep in mind its pretty common to hear a slight transmission whine on these trucks because they are so quiet with stock exhaust.

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