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  1. I took a peek under a 2019 Silverado "Trail Boss" with the 2" lift kit & offroad/mud tires & it had a skid shield under certain parts of the engine & transfer case but there's nothing under the plastic fuel tank hanging right out in the open waiting for any kind of rock or tree stump to drain it quicker than a 454 in a mid 70's dually.
  2. I just wish they would have tweeked the h.p. & torque numbers up a bit. I'm sure there's another 25 /35 more horsepower to be found in there. Just a couple years ago everyone was bashing the new Nissan Titan because the new engine "only" made 390 h.p. & torque. My 15 Silverados 355h.p. is all I'll ever really need but when Ford's little 2.7 & 3.8 liter t.t. engines pack more punch and control bragging rights, I think GM needs to fire back!
  3. I saw a very similar problem on a friends Colorado. It only happened when it was very cold out. I'm talking under 10°F. They changed the module, the harness and the steering wheel buttons. Then they recieved a call from their tech line and they said to replace the GPS memory card. So they did that & It ended up being the problem. Hope it helps! KMF Lancaster Ny.
  4. Oh well, I was hoping it was the same as mine. Good luck.
  5. Just throwing this out there. I had the same thing on my 2015 Silverado and after watching for leaks and never seeing the coolant level drop I started wondering, and doing some detective work. Long story short, I started using a different brand windshield squirter fluid. I then discovered that the smell was only after I used the squirters to clean the windshield. Then I parked the truck but left it running and then used the squirters and saw the fluid follow the A piller and drip down on the exhaust. It puffed a little smoke cloud and I noticed it smelled just like antifreeze. I know it's a longshot but use the squirters after truck's warmed up and see if that causes the antifreeze smell. Good luck!
  6. Funny, I thought the same thing. Went through all the menus but couldn't figure out how to change it. Glad to " hear"! Lol.
  7. Thanks. I installed the usual stuff, Bedliner, cover, vent shades, nerf boards. Also a Rough Country leveling kit, 2.5 front & 1" rear blocks. Had 255 70 17 tires, so i changed them to 285 70 17 Cooper Discover AT/3 tires. Looks nice.
  8. Hi everyone. I just purchased a 2015 Silverado LT "All Star" edition. It has the 5.3 litre engine & 4 wheel drive. My vehicle for the past 10 years has been a 06 Nissan Titan. Before yelling at me, let me explain. Before that I bought my 1stcnew vehicle, a 2001 Silverado HD 4x4 with the 6.0 engine & 4:11 gears. Seeing I was a Certified Chevy Technician for 10 years at the time and working at a Chevy dealer for 13 yrs, of course I bought a Chevy. Well, after 1 month my new truck started knocking..bad.. I checked all the bulletins, recalls etc. Chevrolet said they'd do nothing b.C "It will not effect the longativity or reliability" of the truck. Well, a couple years later I opened my own business but still owned the truck. (See GMPistonSlap.com). After 5 years & 54,000 miles, the heads warped and GM told me the engine needed replacement. Which they did after a $100 deductible. I never beat this truck, synthetic fluids only. So I traded it on the Titan. God I loved that truck. 10 years and other than a couple warranty repairs the truck was excellent. I was going to buy the new 2016 Titan but I didn't like it. When I saw deal going on with this 2015 Chevy I couldn't pass it up So here I am, trying Chevy again. So far I love the truck and hoping it gives me as much pleasure as my last truck did.
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