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  1. I installed these in mine and they a way brighter than the stock ones.
  2. Wondering which one to get and wanted to see what everyone on here thought and why? Thanks in advance
  3. Installed 2” Motofab leveling kit and 275/65/20 Kanati Trail Hog tires.
  4. Going to install a motofab 2” leveling kit in the morning on my RST does anyone know the torque specs on everything you take lose? Ex. Upper ball joint, tie rod, and anything else?
  5. How do you like the Rough Country kit I was thinking about going with it for my RST
  6. I just got a 19 RST and want to level it but am not sure which leveling kit is best. I’ve seen Readylift, Rough Country, and Superlift. I have never installed a leveling kit before so not sure which one to get and didn’t know if it was worth $70 more for the Readylift over Rough country and $90 more than Superlift?
  7. Has anyone ran any of these tires and if so what did you think?
  8. I’m trying to decide on some wheels and tire sizes on my RST that will be leveled. Would like to see some pics of others members truck to help me decide on sizes to go with.
  9. What size Duratracs did you install and have you done anything to it like a level/lift
  10. I am going to install a ReadyLift 2” leveling kit on my 19 RST and was looking at either BFG KO2’s or DuraTrac’s. I seen some post on here about guys running 285/65/20 BFG’s and I called and got prices on them but they said the DuraTrac’s don’t make that size. Was wondering what size DuraTrac’s people ran with 2” level?
  11. I just bought a 19 RST and am going to install a 2” ReadyLift and am wanting to get new tires. I am looking a 3 different types BFG KO2’s, Nitto Ridge Grapplers, or Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac’s. Was wanting to know what everyone thought and why and also what would be the biggest size to go with after the lift with stock 20” wheels.
  12. Hey everyone I just traded my wow 2012 Dodge 2500 Cummins for a new 2015 1500 LTZ. Just join the forum too so I could find out more about them. First Chevrolet for me too.
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