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  1. Yeah asking how to read a dipstick wasn't the question. Maybe there should be a reading comprehension manual for people like you before you post
  2. When I drained the oil I had the front of truck up on ramps. Would this drain more than the usual 6qt?
  3. Wouldnt that mean its low 1/2qt? I have never read that anywhere. Just curious where did you get that info?
  4. I changed the oil yesterday, drove it and let it sit for the night. I forgot to check it right away today and started it to get it up on ramps. I backed it back down and let it sit for 1 hr before checking the oil. That should be plenty of time for a good dipstick reading shouldnt it?
  5. M1 filter 113a..... My manual says 6, my Haynes manual says 6, everywhere I read says 6. Maybe I should just keep it at the 3/4 mark? Who knows if someone put a different dipstick in there.
  6. Just bought a 2013 1500 wt 5.3 and changed the oil. I put in 6qt + new filter. Dipstick reads exactly 3/4 full. Anyone ever see this before?
  7. Sitting in water? IDK where you're from but this truck has been in New England all its life. The salt on the roads in the winter rusts the heck out of everything. Thanks guys!
  8. Well thank you sir that clears that up! Theres only 4 bolts on the crossmember side. Easy to take down so idk why they would use that for drainage. Plus there would be some fluid left up there while driving so that wouldnt be good.
  9. So that bracket in the pic is not the skid plate?
  10. Im new to trucks. So that bracket bolted to the crossmember under transfercase is called a skid plate? Is that just a shield for the TC? It looks like it should bolt to another brace on the other side where the other two holes are no?
  11. So I just bought this 03 silverado 2500hd. Learned of a few issues like broken exh manifold bolts, rotted dipstick, starter ground and connections were so rusted I had to replace starter ect... So I decided to drop the trans pan to do the filter + fluid (kinda sucked having to get the crossmember out) and noticed it looks like I maybe missing something? What is this bracket in the pic? It looks like it needs to be bolted to something! LOL!
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