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  1. So I got under the truck. Red cable to starter tested good. Then tested the purple wire connector to the ignition. Tested good. So obviously the problem pointed to the starter. Had it tested at autozone and it was seized. Installed new starter and its all set
  2. I thought I had a signature on this forum! Sorry brother! 2013 Silverado WT 5.3 A6 4x4
  3. I tested it in the start position and off position. The battery is brand new its fine. My tester said its good. I'll have to check at the starter, but I already did try and jump it in the relay #30 and #87. I believe you're talking about that? Starter still didn't make a peep, unless I jumped it wrong?
  4. How's it going Truck sat a couple months. Tried to start it but only the lights/dash came on. No noise from the starter. Battery was old so I installed a new one with the same result. Dash/lights come on and then dim while trying to engage starter but not a sound. I turned the crank by hand just to get that out of the way so no issues there. I banged on the starter with a hammer no luck. From what I can see under the truck, the connections on the starter look ok but the truck needs to get jacked up to see better. My test light tells me I am getting power to the starter relay but for some reason the #62 starter 40a fuse has no power at all. Because there is no power to #62 fuse location does that mean there is a bad connection to the starter? Truck is 2013 Silverado WT 5.3 A6 4x4 Thanks for any help
  5. Just an update it was the fuel pressure sensor
  6. Truck sat a few months. I connected the battery up yesterday and it fired up and produced these 2 codes. At startup the rpm dips a little then goes up a little and ends up a steady idle. Drives fine. Only issue is at startup like I said and is very minor. I cleared the codes except p018b because its a "permanent" code which my obd reader wont let me clear. The other code comes back after startup. I was thinking the p018b (Fuel Pressure Sensor "B" Circuit Range/Performance) could be setting off the p069e (Fuel Pump Control Module (FPCM) Requested MIL Illumination) Because the p018b is permanent. I looked at the wires and connector for the fuel pressure sensor and it looks fine. Anyone here ever have this issue or have to replace the fuel pressure sensor? Autozone, Advanced and Napa does not keep this part in stock in my area which leads me to believe this part rarely ever goes bad. Any ideas?
  7. Yeah asking how to read a dipstick wasn't the question. Maybe there should be a reading comprehension manual for people like you before you post ?
  8. When I drained the oil I had the front of truck up on ramps. Would this drain more than the usual 6qt?
  9. Wouldnt that mean its low 1/2qt? I have never read that anywhere. Just curious where did you get that info?
  10. I changed the oil yesterday, drove it and let it sit for the night. I forgot to check it right away today and started it to get it up on ramps. I backed it back down and let it sit for 1 hr before checking the oil. That should be plenty of time for a good dipstick reading shouldnt it?
  11. M1 filter 113a..... My manual says 6, my Haynes manual says 6, everywhere I read says 6. Maybe I should just keep it at the 3/4 mark? Who knows if someone put a different dipstick in there.
  12. Just bought a 2013 1500 wt 5.3 and changed the oil. I put in 6qt + new filter. Dipstick reads exactly 3/4 full. Anyone ever see this before?
  13. Sitting in water? IDK where you're from but this truck has been in New England all its life. The salt on the roads in the winter rusts the heck out of everything. Thanks guys!
  14. Well thank you sir that clears that up! Theres only 4 bolts on the crossmember side. Easy to take down so idk why they would use that for drainage. Plus there would be some fluid left up there while driving so that wouldnt be good.
  15. So that bracket in the pic is not the skid plate?
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