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  1. Leather On Steering Wheel Issue

    Mine has the cracking sort of issue as well...... dealer wouldn't warranty it.
  2. 2016 Silverado NIGHTMARE

    Sounds like torque convertor rattle to me. Is it louder underneath near the back of the engine? Could also be the high pressure fuel pump which is in the lifter Valley. It is gear driven.
  3. Mine has a power steering sounding whine when I start it, and if it's really cold out it sounds that way till it's warmed up. I can only assume it's either the vacuum pump or high pressure fuel pump. I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it really concerns you.
  4. Gibson Exhaust still leaking!!!!????

    My guy would fix it. He's an independent guy that's been around a long time. I'm in eastern, PA. Probably wouldn't justify the drive lmao
  5. Gibson Exhaust still leaking!!!!????

    Which gibson exhaust do you have? Where do you live? I have an exhaust guy I use when I need piping bent and whatnot and he said if you absolutely can't get it to seal he would put like a 2 bolt flange on. If you're fairly local I could maybe send you his way.
  6. Gibson Exhaust still leaking!!!!????

    The clamp is GM Part #: 20779889 Red rtv is http://www.permatex.com/products/gasketing/permatex-high-temp-red-rtv-silicone-gasket/
  7. Gibson Exhaust still leaking!!!!????

    I had this problem with my metal mulisha exhaust when I first put it on. I went to my local muffler shop and they told me that the cheap metal that gm uses in the clamps stretches and conforms over time to the ball. Now when you remove it and put a new joint there it doesn't seal the same. They also recommended putting some red rtv on the ball before putting the exhaust on. So $30 to gm for the clamp and a few dollars in rtv and no more leaks and it's still removable.
  8. 8' slide in pickup camper on short box

    My truck (crew cab short bed) specifically states in the glove box to NOT use any form of slide in camper. Might just be my options but I would check in the glove box for a sticker next to the rpo code sticker.
  9. What's the best price you could do? Pm me if you like. Looks like you're about an hour and 40 minutes from me, we could meet up and test fit one to make sure if we can get together on a price. Edit: is this only the single passenger mirror? I just noticed after rereading your original post that it looks like it's just the one side. If so I need both and sorry for the misunderstanding.
  10. My truck is a 5.3 and is flexfuel.
  11. I never hand calculate. The mpg difference was based on the previous ecm calculated mileage. It did start to drop off now that I've run around town a little. This wasn't meant to be a serious debate or anything. It was a lighthearted half joking post.
  12. I filled up with e85 for the first time today. My local area doesn't have any so while I was out of the area and needed fuel I figured why not give it a try (and at 1.56 a gallon vs. 2.29 for mid-grade it was a no brainer) I didn't notice a real performance increase but after getting on the highway and setting the cruise my 50 mile best jumped from 22.5 to 25.3 I'm not even sure how that's possible being the properties of ethanol......
  13. Does anyone know if thesee would be a direct bolt on for a 14 with non towing non power fold mirrors?
  14. 2014+ Exhaust Systems & Mufflers

    I have the metal mulisha exhaust which has no valve and is arguably the loudest cat back available (although it's deeper than it is loud I think). No flapper valve in there, it's not "louder" when in v4 per say, it's just different. It doesn't sound terrible to me, at low rpm sounds like a Subaru, higher rpm sounds more like a Harley. If the flapper does anything I think it's just to eliminate the sound it makes. Cause it almost seems to stay in v4 more now that I have the exhaust.

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