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  1. Everything there and nothing wrong with it? Ive got a 2015 crew silverado and have been needing to get one for pulling our enclosed trailer.
  2. Hmm, you see the post redwngr made? He has the actual way to recalibrate it. Like i said i havent tried this yet since i havent got my vent visors yet ive just read about people having issues with them and seen in a different post about people doing the recal and their problems went away.
  3. Pretty sure if you roll the window up and hold the button in the up position for like 5 seconds it recalibrates the auto up functions force so that it wont go back down as easy with the in channel visors. I know ive read it some where on the forum just dont remember where. Ive been going to get the avs in channel ones for my truck but never have yet.
  4. Pm me your email address or phone number for pictures. All i have of them are to big to post on here.
  5. Have brand new chrome handles off a 2015 crew cab. Will fit both the chevy or gmc trucks. Took off and replaced with color matched handles. $80 shipped
  6. Like these? Mine are brand new with 500 miles on them if you are interested.
  7. $350? I was just looking into these and noticed i can get the single valve with clean side separator from RX for $329 I would be interested in buying it depending on what shipping would be for me. Guess i just realized it was in canada so its really $250 US dollars. Guess i should read more lol I will send you a PM im interested in it if you still have it.
  8. I would sell them as just the rims as well. $1200 for just the rims.
  9. Here are the wheels. They are in perfect condition with zero blemishes. Tires are brand new as well. Stock wranglers,275/55/20.
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