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  1. Have a '98 Z71 four-wheel drive with a 4L60E I need recommendations on how to mount the throttle position sensor and switch ,so that the transmission will shift at the correct time and what kind should I use ? Which bracket do I use to mount onto the side of the throttle cable bracket?
  2. Is it possible to take the coil packs from a 2016 Tahoe and put them on a 2010 Sierra both with 5.3
  3. ive got a 2010 sierra 4x4 slt loaded with 2013 all terrain edition 20's with a 275 /60 /20 bfg ko2's which is technically known as a 33 and a half ive got a 2 inch level kit with billstein struts and i have no problem at all with rubbing or turning radious also you can look at my picture gallery if you wanna see if you like the look
  4. Having some transfer case issues and also seems like my rear tires are cambered in at too much of an angle

  5. I have 2010 gmc sle 4x4 with lc9 all aluminum
  6. Where my exhaust comes together after the cats it turns to single 3 inch pipe to right past where the cab and bed meet. There it connects to a flow master super 40 single in dual out with 2 1/2 inch pipe going out to 18 in long x 4 inch crome plated tips. + the engine mods. Toge ther sound amazing. Get complements all the time
  7. Taken recent after using the royal purple cleaners
  8. I also support mobile 1. I used it in my 89 short box gmc with fully built 383 with 10w 30 and also in my Texas edition Silverado with 4.8 with tune. Intake, and exhaust with 5w30. I decided to try royal purple in my 2010 Sierra 4x4. With cold air intake, lunati voodoo cam,mad tunes custom tune, 3 Inch exhaust flow master super 40, 4 inch duals -. from hearing good reviews from a buddy with a 09 dodge ram with a 5.7 hemi which took 9 quarts. Which I think is crazy . So I changed the oil with 6 quarts of 5w30 rp and immediately noticed that a faint lifter tap that I had ( which is common in these vortec / ls engines) had disappeared and now was as quiet as it has ever been all I could here was the exhaust. Also the trucks oil life gauge has been lasting longer between oil changes and gas mileage went up 2 mpg. I recently have been trying royal purple Max clean = ( fuel system cleaner/ breaks down carbon deposits and cleans intake valves ) ,Max boost = ( octane booster and fuel stabilizer ) , and max atomizer = ( concentrate fully synthetic injector cleaner)" ideal for flex fuel/ direct injection. all of which are fuel system + injector / engine flush or cleaner and my truck went from 15.3 mpg to 18.7 . Even with 20 inch wheels and 33inch 8 ply bf Goodrich ko2's so far rp's products have worked for me I'm gonna keep testing and comparing different product lines / companies but so far no complaints. For royal purple other than price.!
  9. im wanting to install my kenwood double din 7.1 indash screen with garmin nav in my 2010 gmc sle was wondering the best harness and dash kit to use. ? im wanting to keep steering wheel controls ± onstar also in futue want reverse camera

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