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  1. Its a 2009 Silverado 1500 4wd 5.3/6L80 140K Driving down the road and engine RPM matched by speedometer began increasing and truck stopped moving forward, no grinding or nothing, its like its in neutral except when its marked in gear and pedal applied rpm matches the speedo. The only noise it (trans) makes is when you try to go to neutral, then it sounds like an auto when you try to shift into park while still moving. Any suggestions?
  2. As far as mileage goes with these, I am on my second set of ST MAXX in 275/70-18. I got 58,000 out of the first set and replaced them @ 7/32 and have 60K on my set now and getting ready for the next. I have rotated them every 5k and run about 40psi.
  3. If its no cost then the only thing you will have invested is time. Being a GMC, it should work, the Chevy's have the cat eye headlights so it would interfere with them, so you should be fine. If I were you, id just rough up the entire thing a slap so diy bedliner on it.
  4. Shift Cable. I thought it was completely drive by wire but the cable is the culprit. Still doesnt make sense that it would not go from 2 to 4wd but whatever. 550 dollar education I guess, That part bites!
  5. yep, everything looked good at least the best that a 17 year old can do. I guess I will find out in the morning, its going on the tow truck and to the stealership (barf)
  6. no, fluid is good. electronicly it wont move from park but the lever moves, it wont even go from 2 to 4hi or 4 low
  7. its a 09 sliverado with the 6L80 and it starts but now when you put it in gear it doesnt change. The selector goes into the normal slots (reversen nuetral, Drive and manual with no change in the transmission. Of course i am not at home and my son is driving it. Any suggestions???? also it wont change from 2wd to 4wd either.
  8. Fixed it. Total bone head mistake, a little grease and it's good now.
  9. Ok, so I had the problem with the break control switch but now the cruise is completely out. I even tried another switch just to make sure I didn't get a bad one. Any suggestions? I've almost almost contemplated taking it to the dealer! Any suggestions?
  10. Help with Wheel model ID

    dont know why it didnt attach the first time
  11. I have found a set of KMC wheels for sale but the seller cant remember the actual wheel model. Here is what I have on it. On the casting it have 84541 18x9 and 0605Z 1 on it.
  12. I replaced mine because the factory bps started squeaking @ 80K with adaptive one from napa and it was an instant difference. There wasn't anything wrong with my rotors so i had them turned minimally for a clean start and @116K it still doing good. They will be my pad of choice for the future.
  13. Id look for either a later model 09 or 10 and up. I had to have my trans torn down at 55 thanks to a tsb (technical service bulliten) and have the seals replaced. My wife drives a 11 Yukon and we have nearly the exact miles on them and hers shift better through every gear. If you find any of the 900 series Denali's they have they 6 speed and come in awd or rwd but they have afm on them. If it were me I would look for a 10 and up with the 6.2. You get more TQ/HP, a minimal decrease in mileage (1-1.5) and a better rear axle.
  14. Well the first question is do you need a 2500? If you don't then any of the 1500 series or manufactures are going to beat any of the HD trucks in fuel economy. I only say that because you mentioned the 5.0 and the 5.3 will top the 5.0 in fuel economy. If you really need a HD you could look for something newer with a 6 speed and might squeak a couple extra out of it but it will not beat a diesel as far as fuel mileage goes but you will have to weigh the extra cost of the vehicle and compare real world dollar per mile cost. That is the largest reason most people with hd's have them. If you drive your truck around empty then why do you have an HD? Secondly if you add a larger tank isn't going to give you any better fuel mileage its just going to hold more gas. As far as mileage, any of the brand 1500's will beat mpgs unless your loaded. So with all that, why do you have an hd truck?
  15. Free GMT-900 Parts

    Id be willing to pay for shipping, I think they would both fit in the flat rate box wont they? I need that bezel for sure, maybe wrap them in a paper towel or bubble wrap if you have some. Im down. Paypal?

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