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  1. Brand new set of Baja Kits drop shackles. 2" longer than stock. $250 Shipped Blue Baja Kits badging unlike the photo but I can grab photos of the actual shackles if needed 👍 Cash, PayPal plus fees, USPS money orders, Zelle, or Venmo
  2. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Hahaha! Sorry not sorry! And yes you do!
  3. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Thank you very much!
  4. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Just ran the wires directly to the battery for now. I'll be bringing the truck into a wiring professional soon to have it all redone. The wiring is "fine" but I'm looking to get everything marine grade and last for years without any worry. Regarding the switches, mine are mounted just below the steering wheel to the left as you can see in this photo. As a side note, I swapped out my older Lowrance HDS7 for a new touch screen version from PCI Race Radios. Much faster system! Highly recommend it
  5. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Haha well if you piece it out a little at a time it's not as bad! 😂 You definitely should! Really laid back atmosphere and focused on community. We don't push the number of miles per day, we just aim to have a good time with the whole group.
  6. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Another photo from the weekend!
  7. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

  8. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Almost forgot to mention the new Baja Design lights that went on this past weed just before the two day run.... 2x Squadron Pros on their own GM specific mounts. Extremely impressed with the build quality of both the lights and mounts. Light output is incredible as well! 1x S2 Sport Chase light on SDHQs chase mount. Simple design that flat out works. Both are stupid easy to install with 30-45 minutes for all three lights minus wiring of course! I'll try and get some comparison photos showing the headlights and the new Baja Design lights to show how much light they put out!
  9. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Here's the valance a buddy made for me. He kinda zipped it together quickly so the welds broke and the plastic valance portion broke off the tabs that were welded to the bolt on tubing... He's making another so stay tuned haha
  10. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Just completed two days of trails with my offroad expedition group Arizona Raptor Runs and minus the new valance falling off, it was a smooth trip with no issues!
  11. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Sorry for the delay in my response, I couldn't seem to find them either but if you call and talk to Serena and let her know you want the same setup at Ryan with AZRR she'll get you squared away!
  12. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Regeared to 4.10s on Tuesday (7/17/18) and put 500 miles on before this weekend's prerun for next months offroad event. Unfortunately, due to the new gears I was forced to tune the truck as cruise control did not work... Long story short, I purchased a Diablo I3 and uploaded a custom tune yesterday. Along with shift points, gear ratio, tire size, etc, I adjusted the radiator fans due to my over heating transmission. Its now setup to run the fans considerably more once temps are above 210 and 100% after 225. After testing this in the mountains today, I'm happy to report it made a significant difference in temps. While I had gotten to 250 twice before, I stayed under 220 95% of the time while creeping up over 230 once during some more "spirited" driving haha. Regarding the bumper, it should be going on this upcoming weekend!
  13. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Grabbing a one off prototype from someone on Instagram then making a couple changes with it. Simple valance style "bumper". I'll post photos as soon as it's done
  14. thearizonacowboy's 2018 2WD Offroad Build

    Pulled the bumper in preparation of the new one going on (hopefully within a week). Regeared to 4.10s yesterday and currently breaking them in. I've been purposefully avoiding any type of modifications to the ecu to keep my warranty since I haven't had one in years and kinda miss it haha. Unfortunately my truck does not like the new gears in combination with the tire size and cruise control will not work anymore... In typical american fashion, I need muh damn cruise control so a programmer is en route! Went with the DiabloSport Intune I3 so that should be here in a few days. I'll be sure to update when the bumper parts come in!
  15. Surfnrides 2005 Silverado 1500 5.3 Supercharged & Caged

    Looking great! Glad to see a build like this in here. Keep it up

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