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  1. Anyone "dovetail" their bedsides?

    Awesome that's great to hear! I'll check the travel numbers on the shocks and at the hub this weekend when it all hopefully goes on. Thanks 🤘
  2. Anyone "dovetail" their bedsides?

    That's exactly what I'm doing actually! King 3.0, deavers, shackles, UCAs, bump stop, bumpers, 35s. Decently capable and affordable to maintain
  3. Anyone "dovetail" their bedsides?

    Dude I get that... Went from a mid travel 2015 Silverado to Raptor, then a race kit on the Raptor, then a 4 linked, caged, race truck, then LT Raptor again, now all I want is a Silverado with a few goodies to make it decently capable. But it's gotta look mean lol
  4. Anyone "dovetail" their bedsides?

    Yes that's correct, I just come from the prerunner side of things where they call it dovetail. Drives me crazy too haha Regarding this photo, those are Fiberwerx bedsides which just looks natural when cut like that. I'm not sure how the truck will look like with stock bedsides cut.
  5. Anyone "dovetail" their bedsides?

    Better departure angles is correct!
  6. Any tube bumper options for the 2016+ Silverado?

    Looking for something tighter to the truck and without massive logos haha. Thanks though, it looks nice
  7. Any tube bumper options for the 2016+ Silverado?

    I have but everyone has told me they need the truck for 2-3 weeks and I just can't swing that right now haha
  8. Looking to see if anyone here either builds or knows of a bumper that looks similar to this but for a 2016+ Silverado ? (Yes I know it's a Ford lol) Thanks!
  9. Anyone "dovetail" their stock bedsides? I've done it a few times on Fords but never on a newer Chevy. Just looking for input before I start cutting... Thanks! Pic shown has Fiberwerx bedsides
  10. Need Help With Lean Codes Please! 2003 4.8 1500

    Oh not many, just 210,000
  11. 2003 4.8 Lean Codes

    Thanks for the questions and advice. My answers are in red.
  12. 2003 4.8 Lean Codes

    Genius! I'll give that a shot!

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