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  1. truck looks really good , clean . the only thing id say is cleat the turns. i need to do this also.did the truck come with no chrome ?
  2. im running 275/60/20 no lift at all . could really use a level for looks though
  3. not to change subject to much but i just did the cooper rtx alot like the at3 but different really like the tire
  4. no i never did fix it, i listen to my phone / xm let me know if you dig into it
  5. wow those tires look alot bigger than that , looks good
  6. this what mine was also and the ac port was leaking
  7. bought mine a couple mths ago with 92k , not to worried , the only thing that i've noticed is everyone else is still under warranty so not alot of tech tips out there yet
  8. ok looked at those lines and they look ok but i did see lines that are closer to the condenser that look like the bottom one is leaking what looks like oil, i don't know much about a/c
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