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  1. I left my deposit for this event. Is this a custom dyno tune or a data log and adjust tune
  2. Just an update to everyone I got the proper part number for 2016 back up camera. It's part number 23363727. The tailgate handles are all the same as long as you get one with the camera hole. Going to plug it up today and see what happens. Most likely will need some sort of dealer programming
  3. I found a coworker with a 2016 with a back up camera and took his vin number and called a gm parts dealer and ordered the correct camera for the 2016. I'm waiting to get the camera and make sure its right and I can get it work before I post the part number. I also agree that the radio needs to be programmed to accept the canera so next is to find a dealership that's competent enough to do it
  4. My local gm dealer is not the brightest at all. I'm really curious if the part number in that bulletin for 2016 camera comes with the harness.i searched that part number and the camera is only $100
  5. First off thanks again for being super helpful. I check my truck today. On the plug side that goes to the tailgate handle I only have 2 wires going into the tailgate. On the plug side that goes to the module under the spare tire I have ever wire in that plug and matched it up to the diagram you sent me with the pinouts. All the camera wire colors are there. Could it be possible that all I need to do is get the camera and harness that goes into the tailgate and it would work? On a side note I have been exchanging emails with an eBay seller oemgmnavigation and he is telling me I need a different i0b radio, the camera, and a 21 ft harness to run to the radio. This don't sound right if I have all the wires in the plug
  6. I could pull the cover and check. Can't I also just check the x900 plug and see if all the wires are there from the diagram you provided from gmupfitters
  7. I do have the tailgate lock. So your saying I'd have to get the camera from an older truck like a 2015 and wire it to the radio?
  8. Dude thank you so much. Can't thank you enough. I got really discouraged when I looked under mine and seen that plug all the to the right "the dummy plug" and thought that was for the camera but when I pulled the plug out it had no pins in it. But your saying it's the one next to that dummy plug which I do have
  9. Can I ask for a huge favor? Can you snap a pic of where the back up camera plugs in under the truck on the left side by the spare tire
  10. Hey mvi I think I am having a hard time getting in touch with you. I just got my 2016 sierra with the i0b system and want to do some upgrades. Main thing I want is the back up camera but also looking into xm radio and nav. Do you have any solutions for me?
  11. Funny thing is the truck is an elevation edition and no camera
  12. I just got my 2016 sierra 1500. I has the i0b radio code that basically comes with nothing but the 8in touchscreen screen. I want to add the factory back up camera but haven't been able to find any info on the i0b radio and adding anything to it like people are doing to the i05 and i06
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