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  1. It is $1050 to replace the whole 3 window assembly at safelite. FYI.
  2. I'm surprised to find out that the single glass piece cannot be replaced on the sliding glass models. It is a whole assembled unit being replaced on mine. Need to take the back seats out even to access the motor. Hopefully this will solve all my issues.
  3. I wanted to provide an update. The dealer was not willing to help me out after all and I went the insurance route with safelite. Hopefully installation goes good next week.
  4. Wow! Are you paying for that replacement? I thought most insurance will fix it with 0 deductable? Maybe my understanding is incorrect though.
  5. Here are a few more pics. The whole outside of the window is falling apart and the lower corner as you can see fully blew out.
  6. Yeah, thankfully! It is always running while the truck is running. I talked to the dealer and they said while they never saw it themselves they heard of this issue. He's talking to his district manager if they can help me out. I'm 3 years and 1 month of ownership and 43k miles, so just outside of factory warranty. I do have a 3rd party warranty and i'm sure insurance would cover it 0 deductible, but I'd rather ensure OEM glass if possible from the dealer.
  7. It captured it, but no smoke. I didn't visibly see smoke. Rear camera happens at about 36 seconds. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aurj0ClVMpMeg5NloMVafarjpG8C5A Front camera. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aurj0ClVMpMeg5NkujU7FmWbjY8hOg
  8. Mine just exploded this morning while driving. I used the defroster because the side mirrors had ice on them. 2015 SLT. 43k miles. Smelled burning too.
  9. I installed these the other week and think they are really good. We had a couple big midwest storms and they had no issue with snow or ice. Highway speeds has a very faint whir to them, but most probably wouldnt even notice. They dont stand out as ultra aggressive off road tires on the truck, and look a bit modest imo, but they perform very well.
  10. I was going back and forth between the GM Borla and the S-Type Borla. After my research i realized the GM was too quiet and wasn't enough of a difference over stock to warrant the 1k price tag. Thus i went with the S-Type. I love it. I have not needed to get a tune to remove the V4 mode either. I don't have any drone that annoys me to the point where it is necessary even though i was ready to purchase if it were needed.
  11. I have never seen LED's that meet or exceed this longevity rating.
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