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    2014 Sierra SLE 4x4
  1. New Kelly Edge AT Tires

    41,000 miles These tires are at the end of their useful life, though not quite to the wear bars yet. Wet traction is now unacceptable, and they will easily hydroplane if not cautious when hitting any water on the road. Dry traction is still good, of course. I'm satisfied with the value I received from these tires, but did not choose to replace this set with the same. I have a set of LT275/70R17 General Grabber A/T X in the garage waiting to be mounted.
  2. New Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo 3 tires

    I saw my first set of these this morning on a Ram 2500. They appeared to be stock sized. For an all terrain, I was disappointed by the tight tread pattern and lack of void. I doubt it had much more void than a Michelin MS2.
  3. Continental Terrain Contact AT

    I ordered a set from Discount Tire last year for our Subaru Forester, and they've been great (the tires and Discount Tire).
  4. Stock size AT

    My wife's Subaru has had a set of Continental Terraincontacts on for almost 30,000 miles, and neither of us have 1 bad thing to say about those tires. IIRC we've used half of their usable tread depth. If we still have the car when these tires are due to be replaced, I'll buy another set of Terraincontacts - they've been that good.
  5. After Stock Approach Angle

    I measured the approach angle on my 2014 crew cab 4x4 this evening. Stock, with the air dam removed, the approach angle is 20 degrees.
  6. New Kelly Edge AT Tires

    36,000 miles The tread depth averages 4/32". At this rate, I could probably get another 6-7,000 miles before hitting the wear bars. Wet traction is still satisfactory, even when driving through standing water at highway speeds. I suspect wear would have been more even, high speed vibration reduced, and tread-life increased, if my local GMC dealer had cross-rotated the tires instead of a simple front-to-back pattern where the tires never swapped sides. I cross-rotated them myself 500 miles ago, and the vibration above 75 mph is almost completely gone - my cup of ice water in the cupholder doesn't rattle on the interstate anymore.
  7. New Kelly Edge AT Tires

    30,000 mi. Update The tires have been rotated at every oil change (6,000 mi) and they're wearing evenly, with a tread depth of 6/32" all around. The balance issues have resulted in some cupping, and road noise has increased, though they're still not loud. Traction on dry and wet pavement is still good. We haven't had much snow here in SC, but I find some on occasion in the mountains, and these tires have performed well in snow and slush. Generally, I've been well satisfied with the traction these tires have in all road conditions. In addition to paved and gravel roads, I've put on a couple hundred miles in dirt, rocks, and light mud. Performance was fine on dirt, rocks, and light mud (clay), though lack of tread depth is beginning to become an issue in mud. The tread shows very little chunking, cuts, or other damage. I believe I can run these tires until November - December without hitting the wear bars, but they will be replaced before it snows next winter. The worst aspect of these tires is the difficulty in balancing and maintaining balance. It took several attempts at balancing and a few thousand break-in miles before the tires would run acceptably smooth at interstate speeds. In the past month, an obnoxious high speed vibration has returned at speeds above 75. It's a shame that imbalance and vibration have been problems, because the traction and handling have been good.
  8. In my case, it was just the opposite. I wanted a crew cab Colorado 4x4, as it was all the truck I needed. While I was shopping, I found my Sierra SLE crew cab 4x4 with a 4.3, and it was over $3,000 cheaper than a comparable Colorado. I figured that if a V6 Colorado met my needs, then a roomier truck with more equipment, more payload, comparable towing, and more torque wouldn't disappoint.
  9. Anyone with the factory G80 diff. lock and oversized tires would do well to make sure to either replace their spare with a tire that's the same OAD as their other tires, or if you have a flat make sure that the 2 rear tires are the same size.
  10. Opinions on Continental TerrainContact A/T

    It's a new tire that's only been out a couple of months. It'll probably be a few more months before there are any meaningful user reviews, and really, until someone puts a few thousand miles on a set of tires, a positive review doesn't mean much. I'm interested in these tires too, but not for my truck. Unless I learn something terrible about the TerrainContact A/T, I plan to put a set on my wife's Subaru Forester in the next 4-6 weeks. The Continental is 1 of only 2 all terrain tires available in the stock 225/60r17 size for her Forester (the other being Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S). I'll post a review once I get them.
  11. Mercedez-Benz Pickup?

    Done right, I could see this complementing the Metris and Sprinter on the commercial side of their U.S. operations and paving the way for more truck offerings down the line. Imagine if they decided to partner with Nissan again and give the Titan a similar treatment...the MB version would probably outsell the Titan.
  12. That looks really good. You don't see many of these trucks on 275/70-17s. That fills the wheel wells of a stock truck perfectly. It seems like most folks that go bigger than stock jump up to a 2" level and at least 285/70-17.
  13. Assuming that backspacing is consistent across the GM factory wheels, 275/70-17 is dimensionally similar (within .1" dia. and 10mm less section width) to the factory 22" wheel option. I'm sure the factory wouldn't offer a size that would rub under any circumstance. 275/70-17 BFG KO2: Sect. W-10.9" Tread W-9" Dia-32.2" 285/45-22 Dueler A/T: Sect W-10.8" Tread W-9.5" Dia-32.2"
  14. On a completely stock truck, 275/70-17 seems to be as large as you can go.
  15. New Kelly Edge AT Tires

    Update: I now have 11,000 miles on these tires and they've worn down 2/32". At this rate they should easily make it to 50,000 miles with adequate tread depth. Traction on dirt, gravel, light mud, wet grass, and wet roads is good. The extra weight over stock tires is noticeable, and between the weight and tread pattern, I've lost almost 2 mpg. The only issue has been a high vibration. Goodyear balanced the tires 3 times and the vibration barely improved, but after the GMC dealer balanced the tires, the vibration almost disappeared. Now a slight vibration begins at 75 mph, but is only really noticeable if there is a drink in the cup holder. The vibration isn't significant enough to worry with.

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