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  1. Ok. I hope I’m doing this correctly, this is my first post. 2015 Silverado LTZ with a cat pee smell in the interior that goes away quickly when any type of ventilation is on or windows are open. I crawled around the interior sniffing everywhere. I first thought it might be the Chevy brand “Weather Tech” style mats, but no. Not from the vents and i replaced the in cabin filter. The smell is coming from under the sliding sunroof shade and I figure it is the grease or lubricant that is used on the sunroof sliding mechanism. It has the same smell as transmission fluid. I knew I had smelled this before. Just going to put up with it since it doesn’t linger. Cats have been falsely accused.
  2. What LED reverse bulbs are you using (part number/ name brand)? I'm Looking for some brighter ones.
  3. There was a post that I can't find in regards to the a/c indicator light being on all of the time. There was an update that the light would only come on when the compressor was on. Or did I dream that?
  4. Auto position seat starts moving into set memory position as soon as the unlocked drivers door is opened. Have to push a seat memory button to get it to stop. Once you are in and seated, you have to push and hold your memory button to get the seat the rest of the way into position. Most vehicles with memory seating move into position when the key is turned in the ignition. Please correct me if I am wrong. I need to read the manual again just to be sure I'm doing this right.
  5. Any of the spray Nano waxes will put a great gloss and protect better than detail sprays which don't contain wax. This only is really effective if you clay bar first since nano waxes don't contain any cleaners. Waxing over dirt is just not what you want. Nano waxes are safe ( no white staining) to use over rubber and plastics.
  6. Cool to warm engine, spray down with Simple Green and let it stand for about 10 min. If you have heavy dirt, scrub with a brush and hose off. If engine is relatively clean you can skip the brush and just hose it off. Simple Green has no caustic chemicals to degrade plastics or stain metals. After it dries I spray the whole engine down with silicone spray. It will brighten the engine, hoses, plastics, and wires preserving them from heat, grime, engine chemicals, dry rot, and protects against moisture. Yes it will attract dust but it will make cleaning off next time easy. The dirt will just hose off.
  7. Do the Liners. Just put front and backs in my 2015 crew cab. Easy installation, geat fit.
  8. At first I was a little wary, but after 3 weeks of ownership, my "south of the border " brothers built this gringo one hell of a truck!!!
  9. As a new member to this forum, I want to say hello, and it's an honor to be with you all. As a new member I want to say that I am not new to the auto industry or the Chevrolet family of vehicles. I am a past owner of a 2006 Tahoe and a recently traded 2011 Tahoe. Purchased with that trade is a 2015 Silverado LTZ crew cab. It was a one year off lease belonging to the dealership finance manager. Vehicle was leveled and de-badged. I actually was looking for another Tahoe and wanted to step up a few years, but in my market place that was impossible financially. If you ever looked for a used Tahoe, you would understand. Any way... I really cannot believe how much refinement has gone into Chevy vehicles from 2011 to 2015. It's just mind blowing! The quietness, performance, refinement, and technology that Chevy has engineered into this truck is outstanding. Just when you think something cannot get any better.
  10. This is our country

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