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  1. I had a 2015 Ram 1500 Big Horn that had heated seats and steering wheel. And of course Ram is notorious for their extra storage space, but I don't regret going to GM. I loved my 2016 Silverado LT, and I love my 2016 GMC Sierra SLE Z71. Personally, there really is no comparison. My Silverado and Sierra both are the "All-Star Edition" so they have the exact same features, minus the heated seats and steering wheel. My interior is so much nicer, the exterior design is so much nicer, and my screen is bigger. I do miss the 8-speed Ram transmission, but that's literally it. GM is a steak, Ram is a Big Mac. As far as Ford goes, I like the design of the Lariat and Platinum. Not too much for the King Ranch on the exterior. If I did have the financial means, I'd still opt for a Denali/SLT/LTZ over he King Ranch. However, I LOVE the look of the Platinum, so that could be a tough decision but I would give it a shot. I am rather envious of the convex mirrors on both sides like Ford has(unless you get trailering mirrors). I do wish my Sierra had them. Overall I don't regret leaving my Ram. My next vehicle will be a GMC, and if it isn't,it would be an F150 Platinum. Or not, I'm not very confident with Ford's v8 motor for their trucks.
  2. I'm actually considering getting a clear bra and still retaining my bug deflector
  3. cbrsilv15: How is the protection vs a bug deflector? And mook: I do enjoy the traditional look of a regular bug deflector, but the water spots are now beginning to drive me crazy. Never noticed them when I had my Autumn Bronze Metallic Silverado
  4. I evidently bent the right edge of my bug deflector. While it still works, I'm curious as to how well a clear bra would work vs a bug deflector. I know th bug deflector causes water spots on my hood because it diverts the wind, so that annoys me.
  5. Spring Hill Engine Assembly Plant? I don't work for GM, but we're "closer" than you think lol
  6. I personally like my Z71. But then again, I don't do any straight up OFF-ROAD driving. Besides dirt/gravel roads to look at properties I own, driving through cow field to pick up hay rake, etc. So I really can't say a lot for mud-bogging or stuff like that. But what I can say is when I got my Sierra, I looked at a 2016 Ram 1500 Outdoorsman(Ram's "equivalent" to the Z71) and their is a huge difference. The truck does not handle bumps, "waves" in the road, or ride quality like the z71. The salesman even told me(literally told me during the test drive) that the CLOSEST Ram has to the Z71 8$ the Outdoorsman, and that even it doesn't compare. Now most of the differences weren't HUGE, but if I was able to notice differences during the average truck driver's typical drive, then you guys would probably notice a bigger difference during off road driving. But the comment about the dentures,that's the kind of stuff I enjoy about driving my truck with my mother-in-law in the passenger seat.
  7. Then after you go to pay, your wife who makes a lot more than you pays for everything. Then you get home and have plenty of lovin' all night long. THAT is an accurate comparison between a Ram and a Silverado/Sierra.
  8. I traded from a fully loaded Big Horn to a Silverado, then Sierra. My Ram was a 2015. Honestly there is no comparison to them. The Ran had some extra storage space. If you have the package with the tow mirrors, and a bulb goes out? Chrysler wont warrant it. It's 1200 dollars with labor. The 5.7 Hemi was nice, and the 8 speed transmission was nice. I miss the heated steering wheel and seats. But the real nitty gritty? Owning a Ram was like going and getting a large pizza on your way home then stopping and getting a 6 pack of ice house. When you get home, you eat every slice then pound a 6 pack down. You get nice and stuffed and get a nice buzz. But it's sloppy and you feel like crap the next day. The Silverado/Sierra is like going to a steak house and getting the best steak they have, and sipping a nice bourbon. You have to pay a little more, but you'll enjoy it a lot better.
  9. With Bridgestone duelers 18 inch tires, would you classify 41-43 psi as being over-inflated? They used to hover between 38-40 psi before my service. Just curious.
  10. Thanks, man. I'll keep that in mind and wait until this upcoming weekend.
  11. Installed them yesterday and used a heat gun to help the adhesive. They seem to have stuck okay! How safe is it to take my truck to an automatic carwash?
  12. Who uses them? I bought me a set of 4 for my Sierra(the adhesive kind). Just haven't installed them, it's 19 degrees in Virginia lol. Salesman said it needed to be warmer? Oh well. I heard they were better than the in-channel kind, but I'm not sure. Cant wait to use them, though!
  13. I clicked the text alert button to "off" yet i still get text alerts for some reason. Anybody else have this issue?
  14. When I used to work in a cast iron Foundry, for 2 years all i did was bust those "A-Arms" out with a sledgehammer. So, all i can say is all of the ones that Grede made were steel
  15. Originally i had a 2015 Ram 1500 Big Horn, and prior to that everything else i drove was also Mopar. The Ram is a great truck, don't get me wrong. But my Silverado and Sierra was a lot better for the price paid.
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