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  1. Hi, Im driving a 2003 Silverado ex cab LT Last night we had out first sloppy weather of the season here on Long Island. The switch seems a little erratic and sometimes it works fast or slow and other times I can hear it shift into gear and others not, No warning or Check engine light, I'm not even sure if there should be one. I found the only fuse and its good. I used my scanner on it and no codes. its the first time I ever had a 4wd issue all my years with Chevy trucks. I will have a new switch here tomorrow, was a good deal. I hope its the problem but I have my doubts. I was having electrical issues a couple months ago and hope its not that again. any Ideas? also what's a good way I can be 100 % sure its out? hard to tell it was so slippery and cant see tires while driving. I did have an issue with a U Joint/ Had one going bad. about a month ago. The guy replaced it and the next day the whole drive shaft dropped from the rear. I was able to move the truck by putting it in 4wd I was 2 blocks from shop and I got it there that way. I sure hope that didn't mess it up. Thanks!!!! Ralph
  2. 2003 sliverado 1500 4wd 5.3 Hi, I'm hoping to find help on this.. I'm baffled. Problem I believe started when I started hearing a static noise in the rear passenger speaker. then I noticed the gauges would just zero out on occasion. a couple weeks ago, the gauges stayed out for a week or so. I read as much as I could about the issue. The cluster stepper motors seem to check out fine. I took the cluster out and all the pins have conductivity. I did notice the as I was working, the wire harness behind the cluster to the left when wiggled would recreate the static sound in the speaker and the clust would come and go also the trouble-lights in dash started going. I checked all the fuses I could. also the is an area on interior fuse panel I probed a group f wires (see Pic). I could hear the crackle from the speaker when probed the Pink one I believe, not 100% sure. since then all hase been ok except for an EVAP code I cleared and seems to be staying cleared. I really think its a ground issue and I have no idea where to look or what to look for. I am looking for the normal braided wire for the grounds. unfortunatly I was run off the road by what I believe a drunk driver into a tree and totaled my beautiful blue 02 Silverado. I got a hold of this one as I had to hurry and insurance company kinda lowballed me, so now I have this Black rusty 03. left side seems much more rusty than right side. frame is rusty. left but not right. this still makes me sick I lost my blue truck. this one is going to be sold asap and getting a real truck again. 1)...Does anyone have any idea where to look and what to look for? 2)... Is that harness behind cluster a big pain to swap out? how long is it is it just plug type connections? if anyone knows when to find these or better yet pics? that would be great. should I be concerned with my airbags blowing on me? Thanks
  3. Hi I have a 2002 Silverado that started to have issues turning at slow speeds or parking lot speed I saw a rebuilt power steering pump for sale online that had the upgraded pressure control valve installed. the valve Part number is gm/26095470 http://www.gmpartscenter.net/oe-gm/26095470 any help would be great! Thanks

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