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  1. 2016 6.2L constraints

    WAS TOLD BY MY DEALERSHIP THAT there not even allowed to order trucks with the 6.2 for inventory only special factory orders only i'm just curious to see how long it will actually take i'm 10 weeks tomorrow I WISH up front they had more info when placing a factory order i would of never sold my truck so fast but i can't wait to get it I ALSO WISH THESE 6.2L HAD SPECIAL BADGES ON THEM I THINK THAT WOULD BE COOL
  2. 2016 6.2L constraints

    Was told today that only 12 trucks were produced last month for the whole country with the 6.2L other then that it sounds like memorial day for me lol, and i ordered my two trucks Jan 19th ESCALADES get priority i guess lol
  3. 2016 6.2L constraints

    Who knows they told me they have there Chevy representative involved trying to get it done quicker THANKS STEVE
  4. 2016 6.2L constraints

    They told me they don't even have a production date yet will see what they say this Friday will keep everyone informed thanks for the feedback appreciate it STEVE
  5. 2016 6.2L constraints

    no i do not, i trust me dealer i know these guys for years so i hope there doing the right thing the problem is i sold my 06 silverado in a week so i have been with out a vehicle since first week of Feb we'll see what this week brings lol
  6. 2016 6.2L constraints

    they told me they will have an update next friday
  7. 2016 6.2L constraints

    ordered two trucks with the 6.2 on Jan19th 2016 and have not heard anything yet, all i hear is about the constraint on this motor will see how long it takes STEVE

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