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  1. Another update. Truck did amazing on a round trip out of town (3hr round trip) no cel
  2. I am new to this type of truck last chevy i owned was a 16 Silverado with the 5.3 and Z71 since this is the 4.3 vortec it should last a long time. Update aside from belt issue i think its the idler pully? Cant uploaded any videos Oil pressure prior to the trip home was 20ish now its past half way(oil level full and looks new) No service engine soon light on.
  3. Well we just picked up a 2004 s10 zrs 4 door v6. with 119k. Brake light (on the dash) is on also under hard braking get a clunking like sound from under the truck but stops pretty quickly. Does seem to run a little rough but was doing that prior to the trip home but drove great. Can get a video of it here later on. After the 91mile drive home service engine light is flashing. Other then that it ran great and used a quarter of a tank. Dont have a scan tool currently.
  4. Ya i have seen that done before. I can’t remember the gains. Plus i am pretty sure that would void warranty right off the bat?
  5. Ya i am already running 275/75/18 nitto ridge grapper without rubbing/trimming i will do wheels, tires and level when i go to replace these, hopefully next year or 2 i hope i can clear without rubbing or triming a 285/75/18 tire with a level or whatever size that equals to in 20”s tail ligts i am sick of the reverse light pattern and yes i have leds in them to help see and its slightly better then stock. (Old 11 ram 1500 same reverse lights was way better then stock)
  6. Wow no help from yall.. i guess i will figure this out on my own but if you have money to put towards mods What would you do, with in a $700 budget and i have done some research and still scratching my head on the tuner deal. And the ram wasnt a pos, was one trying to get it tuned.
  7. Note:i am bored and this will happen probably this year around summer. OR depending on tax return status.. in general and its going to be one or the other kind of thing unless i can get a great deal on it. Or its cheap enough tuning bbp or dialbosport intune i3 or t2000 (the new stuff) thats the part i am stuck on, because i am the kind that loves messing with stuff even after its fixed.. or unless bbp can make a 93 killer 93 tune? And a above stock 87 tune. To where I don’t have to tweak it. Edit: just looked for the trinity t2ex platinum its a good chunk above the auto cal but the intune i3 was the lowest of the 3 (but i had issues with the intune i2 on my 11 ram so i am worried about that) and after a search on google people mentioned i would have to buy a separate ecm to go back to stock? On the auto cal? Came from a gm silverado forum. intake gonna go airaid E cut out with wireless remote (should be able to make it work on remote start. catch can I already got the brand in mind. tail light housings still waiting on a response from recon about my question.
  8. Would something like this work in my rear door? But it needs a ported enclosure so I would take it some fab work would need to be done. But it should hit pretty decent? I don’t want to run a sub under the back seat. Thats to much of storage space loss. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/sundown-audio-x-6-5-300w-x-series.html Second thought could the factory full length console be re-done to fit an 8”/10” sub (facing the rear seat) and not lose much console storage space?
  9. You’re also forgetting about the weight of the truck as well. Double cab rwd is going to weigh less then a cc 4wd. Not sure by how much exactly. In my case i was given a 17 double cab short bed, rwd on 20”s with an eco sport tire, here’s the kicker it was a v6. I honestly didn’t realize it was a v6 until i popped the hood. Now my truck in sig the tires weigh roughly 53lbs or so on stock 18”s plus i have the cc/sb in Z71 trim.
  10. Isnt the hood and tailgate already aluminum? On the 16’s I wanna say the hood is for sure
  11. Not 100% sure on this. Not even anywhere close to my chevy in my sig. but she does see roughly hr and a half or less of idling per day depending on how cold it is at work. I would love to know what my idle hrs are but hrs are mid 700’s miles 24k ish miles
  12. Ya thats what I remember hearing when i asked about it in a thread i had started long time ago, i have yet to do audio mods still waiting on the stock ones to blow, so far this 16 non bose 8” nav can take abuse.
  13. If I remember right the dash speakers are the only ones that have the chime?
  14. Not sure if you gotten a answer but i am rocking a flowmaster super 44 with a turn down over the axle. With the exhaust flap kept open. price jcwhitly (spelling) get there 20% off deal and took $18 off. muffler shop was $120 ($60 for removal of res and muffler) at the time i had stock exit. Sound, almost stock at idle and cruising and and very little drone, but it doesn’t seem to bother any of my passangers. In fact a family member of mine who hates loud exhausts loves the chevy.
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